CCRC hosts military visits, helps students with future plans

Chenyao Liu

At the end of January, the CCRC will host the annual Military Academy Day at this school. 

“We bring in representatives from the five military academies: the Coast Guard, the Air Force, West Point (which is Army), Merchant Marines and the Navy. We also bring in ROTC representatives and someone from the congressional offices to talk about the admission process,” Melinda Stephan, coordinator of the CCRC, said. “We basically do a panel…and a mini fair at the end where students can network and talk to the representatives.”

Senior Lily Rose said she was interested in going into the military, and being able to talk with military representatives during her junior year helped her make her decision.

“I’m particularly interested in the military,” she said, “so I had the ability to hear about National Guard options and a lot of things like getting in contact with those people and different routes I can do throughout college that are linked within the military.”

Along with military rep visits, the CCRC also hosts college admission reps visits during SSRT. Rose said she has taken advantage of the additional college rep visits as well.

“They brought in admission reps from, like, 15 different schools and those admission reps specifically answer questions about what…(colleges) want to see,” Rose said. “Your dream school could be telling you the keys to applying and getting in.” 

Outside of college and military visits, the CCRC helps students begin their planning for life after high school. Junior Nyah Lam said she first visited the CCRC in her sophomore year, and counselors provided her with many resources for future-planning. 

“I went (to the CCRC) and (CCRC counselor Ann Boldt) gave me this YouScience login,” Lam said. “It’s a personality (test) and it tells you what you (have an aptitude for)…I didn’t know what major (I wanted to pursue) but (with YouScience) I could look at careers that I liked and backtrack from there.”

Rose said the resources the CCRC provides helped her with college applications.

“I counted the number of essays I wrote (for college), upwards of 20 to 25 essays. They’re not huge but…I’m writing a lot and I want to make sure my writing is representing the best (of me),” she said. “The CCRC helped with that tremendously. Mrs. Stephan will pretty much not hesitate to read anybody’s essay. As long as you ask, she’s head over heels excited for you to want to better yourself and your chances of getting into college.”

Rose said she believed the CCRC can help all students, even those not planning to go into college.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize that the (CCRC) is for everybody. If you’re not looking into college, there’s a second part to that title which is ‘career,’” Rose said. 

Stephan said she agreed. She said the CCRC is open to all students at CHS. 

“No matter what (students’) plans are, we can help them navigate the next steps,” Stephan said. “We’re here to serve all students…Know that we’re accessible and open regardless of what (your future) plans are.”