Carmel Orchestras to perform at Carnegie Hall


Rachel Wu, member of Symphony Orchestra and sophomore, plays a piece during after-school rehearsal. According to Wu, “I am really excited to perform at Carnegie Hall.”

Jasmine Zhang

Carmel Orchestras currently rehearse and prepare for their upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall in New York City. The trip will take place from April 1 to April 6 over spring break with an orchestra composed of students from Philharmonic, Festival, and Sinfonia Orchestras. They will join together to form a string orchestra and are currently working repertoire that is different from what they are working on in class.

According to Maggie Hite, associate director of orchestras, “We’ve been rehearsing (for the trip) during all of the SSRT’s in March. We hope it’s musically enriching to hear world class performances, work with renowned music professor Dr. Rebecca MacLeod, and perform in one of the most prestigious venues in the world. We also hope it’s an opportunity for students to bond with their classmates and friends.”

Rachel Wu, a member of Symphony Orchestra and junior, is looking forward to this trip.

“I am really excited for this trip because Carnegie Hall is such a prestigious place, so I feel like it’s really honorable for us to be able to perform here.” Wu said. “It’s also really great to come together with other orchestras and play pieces together.” By Jasmine Zhang