GKOMs to meet with Freshmen Sept. 23


GKOM council members Brooke Ye (left) and Gauri Srinath (right) discuss the Freshmen Activities Fair led by GKOMs on August 25. Ye said, “I’ve been enjoying planning the sessions and look forward to helping freshmen feel more supported throughout the school year.”

Pallevi Pillai, Reporter

GKOMs will have their next session during SSRT on Sept. 23, according to sponsor Ryan Ringenberg. He said sessions this school year will include a theme related to CHS’s Steps to Success/Culture of Care initiatives and will include food, activities and talking points. 

“We hope, first and foremost, that freshmen feel more connected to their SSRT and to their GKOM mentors with each session this year,” Ringenberg said. “This can then lead them to feel more connected to the school culture overall. We also hope that they can learn a new strategy towards being a successful student, and finally, we hope it can make their day with some free food.”

 Senior Gauri Srinath and GKOM Council member said that the GKOM council is preparing for upcoming GKOM sessions.

“Council meets every SSRT to plan and organize the Connection Sessions that will be held each month,” Srinath said. “We are also in communication with our assigned GKOM teams to ensure the smooth running of the program. The upcoming session on Sept. 23 will focus on the social-emotion learning concept of sensory motor integration.