Senate plans Homecoming activities, Pep Rally

Darshini Shankar

With Homecoming week upcoming, Senate members plan Homecoming activities. According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, Senate members help arrange many Homecoming week festivities including the pep rally.

“Now our main focus is Homecoming, we’re working on the script for the pep session and what’s going to happen during the pep session,” Foutz said. “We’re looking at (if we’re) going to bring in food trucks for that and (what we’re) going to do in that period when people are visiting the booths.” 

Jacob Bailey, co-chair of the Senate bands committee and senior, said he’s working on a playlist of songs to play on the intercom during Homecoming week. 

“We’re in charge of playing music during passing periods for Homecoming,” Bailey said. “My main assignment is to spread the announcements about it since I work with radio and intercom.” 

Along with music during the passing periods, Foutz said the Senate is planning many activities to encourage school spirit throughout Homecoming week. 

“We’re working on the spirit days, the music that will be played each day based on whatever the dress-up theme is for that day, (and) a couple of other SSRT activities for that week,” Foutz said.

Bailey said he’s looking forward to Homecoming festivities and encourages other students to get more involved. 

Bailey said, “Try and get more hyped for homecoming because recovering from the COVID year, we really want to get people more involved in school activities so the more participation the better.”