CCPL opens with new changes after one year


Addie Jacobsen

The Carmel Clay Public Library opened on October 1 after more than a year of renovations.

Jenny Li

CCPL opens with new changes after one year

With Carmel Clay Public Library’s (CCPL) new opening, Jamie Beckman, teen services department manager, provided a rundown of the changes that CCPL underwent. 

These included the addition of 18,000 square feet which included moving the Digital Media Lab to the building. 

“The Teens space was moved to the first floor from the second floor and is now several times bigger than previously,” Beckman added (via email). “Java House Cafe will also be coming to the library in a space next to the Digital Media Lab.”

Teen Library Council (TLC) members shared their thoughts about the new changes.

“The library looks absolutely amazing.” Allison Shen, TLC social officer and freshman, said. “I love how spacious it is now and I really love the emphasis that is put on the Teens area.” 

Rachel Wu, TLC member and senior, said she agreed with Shen’s view of the library.

“I really like (the recent updates),” she said. “(CCPL) still has that same feel of the old library; it still looks pretty similar but it has so many new parts. There’s more study rooms for students. It’s way bigger and it’s super cool.”

Jamie Beckman, teen services department manager at the library, said the Digital Media Lab was moved inside the building. She said the library is now several times larger. (Addie Jacobsen)

According to Beckman, one of the main reasons why CCPL went under renovation was to increase the teen department.

“The library (was) heavily used by CHS students after school, and the library wanted to better serve this population,” Beckman said. “CHS students can now reserve study rooms at the library in advance using the online reservation system.”

Shen said she was excited about the emphasis on students at this school.

“The study rooms are the most useful since they’re really easy to reserve and you can study there alone or with friends,” she said. “It provides a great and soundproof environment, and it even comes with a monitor.”

Beckman said a struggle CCPL staff still have to face is dealing with the construction process.

“Although the library opened on Oct. 1, the building is still not quite done so staff are still dealing with the construction process,” she said. 

Even though the building is still finishing its renovations, Beckman said the responses to the renovated library from the public have been positive. 

“I really like having more space for teens to use the library,” she said. “It is always a pleasure to see CHS students after school or during their release periods.”