Math Club Works on IUPUI Math Competition

Math Club is planning to meet on March 7 in Room A300 to continue working on the collaborative IUPUI competition, with the submission due by March 24. The competition revolves around solving a single problem, and the competitors who demonstrate their work most thoroughly will win $300 and a full four-year academic tuition scholarship.

Math Club sponsor Joseph Broman explains that using Math Club’s time to work on the competition, “I want to give people to give some time to work together, because they might not have enough (time) to work together outside of Math Club, so they can use this time to collaborate more” he said.

In addition Grace Yang, club president and senior, attunes the importance of team activities and teamwork for both current and future participating math competitions by practicing various collaborative activities during club time.

“We do a lot of interactive (activities) and team competitions in Math Club, we normally have some questions that we then provide to people in teams, that way they’ll talk to each other and exchange new ideas, which they can use for upcoming (formal) competitions” she said. By Ella Guo