Champions Together members from CHS and Center Grove play basketball in the Fieldhouse during halftime of the men’s game. President and senior Sophie Gates said, “I know a good amount of people that would not only do well in Champions Together but would really enjoy it and I would love if they volunteered.”

Member of Champions Together club helps students with disabilities via sports, wishes more people would volunteer

Daniel Kim January 23, 2020

For Sophie Gates, Champions Together president and senior, volunteering for Champions Together has been a big part of her high school career ever since her freshman year and she said she is happy with...

Senior Taylor Gallagher signed to the girls on the deaf cheer team that she coaches to smile. Gallagher said learning ASL at the school has helped her communicate with her team, although it is still not always easy.

Follow the signs: CHS students use ASL beyond classroom in sports

Olivia Childress February 22, 2019

Senior Taylor Gallagher saw herself in the cheerleaders as they flipped through the air. Having cheered for seven years, she knew what was required from an assistant coach. But as familiar as she was...

Coach Conway crouches from the sidelines and instructs players on the field while the rest of the team watches. The men's lacrosse team is 10-5-0 for the season.

CHS athletes and coaches discuss the effect of outspoken parents on the players

Kelly Truax May 18, 2017

"When I was reffing one game, I was the center ref, I was the only ref, and this one lady wouldn’t stop screaming at me. This mom, she would yell at every call I made. She told me that I needed to check...

Junior Evie Heffern trains with her horse, Casmir, in preparation for a competition. Heffern has been riding horses for six years.

HORSING AROUND: CHS horseback riders discuss the challenges of working in tandem with another animal

Kelly Truax April 20, 2017

Noelle Geisler, horse-back rider and sophomore, has been riding horses for five to six years. She first became interested in horseback riding when she attended a friend’s birthday party when she was...

“I’m definitely mentally stronger, but I think everyone gets mentally stronger. I mean you have to be mentally strong when you go through chemotherapy, but also I look at life in a whole different perspective now, especially because I wasn’t given that great of a chance to live, and you just get a sense of what’s really important, like family and what’s maybe not that important.” - Matt Cooper

Student athletes come back better than ever after suffering from major medical problems

Alina Husain, Reporter March 17, 2017

For most CHS students, Feb. 16, 2016 was just another normal day, but for Matt Cooper, student athlete and senior, it was a day that would change the rest of his life. On that day, Cooper was diagnosed...

Learn how diets and nutrition affect CHS athletes

Learn how diets and nutrition affect CHS athletes

Angela Sun February 23, 2017

At chs, many athletes change their diets to help them attain their athletic and physical goals, which vary from sport to sport. According to Evan Bouillet, varsity cross-country, track and field member...

In an ever-changing landscape, advanced statistics are the next big breakthrough in athletics

In an ever-changing landscape, advanced statistics are the next big breakthrough in athletics

Adam Gostomelsky January 27, 2017

Advanced analytical statistics are perhaps the greatest revolution the sports world has seen in the 21st century. With numerous job openings on professional and college athletic teams for statisticians,...

THE COST OF SUCCESS: While varsity athletes excel on the court, it can take a lot of money to get to that level

THE COST OF SUCCESS: While varsity athletes excel on the court, it can take a lot of money to get to that level

Kelly Truax December 12, 2016

Brooke Grigsby, volleyball player and junior, plays for both the Munciana Volleyball Club and CHS varsity team. Playing at Munciana Volleyball can become costly even before tournaments and practices start. “We...



Ben Traylor and Jess Canaley November 17, 2016

In most athletic situations at school, families can participate as spectators, watching their sibling or child compete from the sidelines. However, for a few at CHS, being involved in sports is their opportunity...

Goalkeeper and senior Nicole Vohs warms up for a game with her teammates in the background. While on the same team, goalkeepers go through an entirely different warm up than the rest of their teammates. Vohs said there is constant pressure on the goalkeeper during the game. Even though she may be inactive for large amounts of time, the one moment that they need to come up with a big save, they have to be ready.

THE SPECIALISTS: In team sports, there are individual positions that require special skills – these are CHS’s specialists

Kelly Truax, Reporter October 13, 2016

Goalies, punters and kickers, called “Specialists,” stand out in their sports because they are allowed to perform acts other players aren’t allowed to. Goalies, for example, can use their hands,...

Senior Jalen Walker gears up for a game by listening to music. Music is a popular form of mental training, especially before games.

In order to gain an edge, many CHS athletes turn to sports psychology for a leg up

Jess Canaley and Kelly Truax September 16, 2016

Dr. Ciarán Dalton helps athletes of all levels every day to overcome the mental blocks that often hold them back from reaching their physical goals. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology, which means...

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