With recent Pew Research Center study showing that nearly one-third of American adults use dating apps, students, staff weigh pros and cons of using them

Sophomore Tanuj Mangalam scrolls through his phone. Mangalam said he views online dating for high school students as having more consequences than benefits.

Nathan Huang

April 1, 2020

Senior Adam Hineiyi is an active user of social media. Normally, he’s surfing the web looking at funny pictures and videos to show to his friends, yet recently he’s delved into online dating. He said he currently uses apps like Tinder and Bumble to try to attract dates—people he’s never met or heard of be...

As “cuffing season” arrives, students debate how high school relationships affect social development


Kiersten Riedford

November 15, 2019

Sophomore Elizabeth Katz has never dated in her life and she said during this cuffing season she would prefer to keep it that way. The term “cuffing season,” which originated in Urban Dictionary in 2011, refers to the desire to be in a relationship or “cuffed,” during the winter months. Katz...

Soapbox: Disaster Dates

Jessica Konrad, Student Section reporter

January 27, 2017


Ask the HiLite: What are teachers’ views on high school relationships?

Ask the HiLite: What are teachers’  views on high school relationships?

Amber Zhao, Student Section reporter

January 27, 2017

Q: What do you think about high school dating? A: I think that it’s not for everyone. It’s probably best to wait until you’re a little bit older and more mature. Sometimes, it could be a distraction, but you could also have a really enjoyable time if you find someone that you really like and enjoy...

Advice from a Beta-male


April 30, 2009

By Bennett Fuson <[email protected]> It’s been fun the past few weeks to watch as all those around me struggle to find prom dates.  Surely it was not fun for them, but as a man who hasn’t worried about the perils of wooing for the past two years, it’s akin to Gossip Girl, from a heter...