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Students in Wellness classes learn about taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian May 20, 2021

Students enrolled in Wellness classes continue their respective units. As we approach the end of the school year, students move to their last unit of the year. Kim TenBrink, physical education department...

Students in Wellness classes begin taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian November 18, 2020

Wellness students in Sports Medicine, Outdoor Exploration and health classes will start units in taping, building shelters and drugs and alcohol, respectively. Students enrolled in Lifetime classes will...

Senior Isabella Fallahi speaks to students and staff at the racial equity meeting hosted by the Black Student Alliance on Sept. 24. “I think the meeting as a whole was productive because not only were we able to voice our opinions and what the facts were and how we felt about that situation, but it was also a time where the people in charge had to sit down and listen,

Students form cultural awareness groups to combat racism, provide support

Tsion Daniel October 24, 2020

Like most students her age, Gabi Bradley, Black Student Alliance (BSA) member and freshman, is in the process of becoming familiar with this school. However, throughout her education at Carmel Clay Schools,...

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