Students in Wellness classes begin taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian

Wellness students in Sports Medicine, Outdoor Exploration and health classes will start units in taping, building shelters and drugs and alcohol, respectively. Students enrolled in Lifetime classes will play tennis and sand volleyball while Recreational Leadership students will learn sports management.

Kim TenBrink, physical education department chairperson, said, “In health classes, students are starting their drug and alcohol unit. Then, they’ll be learning about CPR. The American Heart Association has updated its curriculum, so they’ll be doing hands-only this year because we’re not doing the breathing. Our Outdoor Exploration class is building shelters back at the old cross country course. I went out there the other day, and I saw how cool it was. Our Sports Medicine classes are learning to tape. Our IB class is learning a lot about statistics, and for our Lifetime class, they’ve been outside playing tennis and sand volleyball, and they’re just starting to come inside. Our Recreational Leadership class is learning about some sports management items. We have lots of things going on.”

Students in health have finished their drug and alcohol unit and are moving on to CPR. Elijah Choi, a senior in the class, plans on getting his CPR certification. He says in order to successfully conduct CPR, “First check the scene. Then check for responsiveness. If they are unresponsive, call for help and have someone nearby call 911. Then perform CPR.”