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Students in Wellness classes learn about taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian May 20, 2021

Students enrolled in Wellness classes continue their respective units. As we approach the end of the school year, students move to their last unit of the year. Kim TenBrink, physical education department...

Students in Wellness classes learn about bone, cardiovascular, respiratory systems, pickleball, badminton, head, neck, spinal injuries

Daniel Tian March 23, 2021

Sports Medicine, IB Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences, Lifetime Fitness and Lifeguard Training are packed with information this quarter, beginning units in the human body as well as sports. Advanced...

Students in Health begin new unit in illicit substances, APC, PC continue online, in-person workouts

Daniel Tian March 23, 2021

As students in Health and Physical Education begin new units in illicit substances and e-cigarettes/vaping, students in Advanced Physical Conditioning and Physical Conditioning classes persevere in their...

Students in Wellness classes begin taping, tennis, sand volleyball, drugs, alcohol units

Daniel Tian November 18, 2020

Wellness students in Sports Medicine, Outdoor Exploration and health classes will start units in taping, building shelters and drugs and alcohol, respectively. Students enrolled in Lifetime classes will...

Students in wellness classes max out weights, move on to CPR, spinning, yoga, pilates

Daniel Tian October 28, 2020

Students in Physical Education 1, health and physical conditioning classes are beginning new units and exercises. Students will learn about CPR, spinning, yoga and pilates workouts. Physical conditioning...

Wellness students learn about mental health, taping, fishing, frisbee physics, tennis

Daniel Tian October 8, 2020

This past semester, students in wellness classes have been learning about a wide variety of topics. After adapting the curriculum to better suit social distancing guidelines and COVID precautions, the...

CHS students reflect recent trend in body art

CHS students reflect recent trend in body art

Contributor December 12, 2014

Last winter, when senior Alex Hiller turned 18 years old, she got a tattoo on her right calf. The tattoo consists of the phrase “I’m third” with a cross in between the words, which means in her life,...

Freshman tours to conclude Oct. 31

Freshman tours to conclude Oct. 31

Contributor October 30, 2014

On Oct. 27 and Oct. 31, the Freshman Class will go on freshman tours. During these tours, GKOMs will lead their SRTs through all of the elective areas in the school to showcase the different types of electives...

Lilly St. Angelo reads a book in her English class. St. Angelo had a CRU meeting that morning, and she said she had a good time. ANUJ PATEL / PHOTO

CRU to host its last meeting of the year on May 13

Beats May 8, 2014

CRU has been meeting on almost every Tuesday of this year. The club has hosted many activities, including their annual dodgeball tournament and Carmel Idol, which have been very popular among the students...

CRU to meet on Dec. 3

Beats November 28, 2013

CRU, a faith-based organization at Carmel, usually meets at 7 a.m. every Tuesday in the freshman cafeteria. The week after Thanksgiving, on Dec. 3, club meetings will continue the same trend that it had...

CRU to host dodgeball event on Nov. 14

Beats November 5, 2013

CRU will be sponsoring a dodgeball event for the whole school on Thursday, Nov. 14. To be admitted, students must turn in a form and pay the entry fee at the activities office. The cost per player is...

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