Students in Wellness classes learn about bone, cardiovascular, respiratory systems, pickleball, badminton, head, neck, spinal injuries

Daniel Tian

Sports Medicine, IB Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences, Lifetime Fitness and Lifeguard Training are packed with information this quarter, beginning units in the human body as well as sports. Advanced Physical Conditioning and Physical Conditioning classes are proceeding with their workouts.

Kim TenBrink, physical education department chairperson, said, “We have a lot going on. Our Sports Medicine class is learning about bones, type of bone, injuries to bone and the remodeling of bone. In (IB Sports, Exercise and Health Sciences), they are finishing up Internal Assessments and starting their cardiovascular and respiratory systems unit. Our Lifetime Fitness classes are starting (to play) pickleball and badminton. In Lifeguard Training, right now kids are learning about head, neck and spinal injuries.”

Advanced Physical Conditioning and Physical Conditioning classes continue their workouts as usual. Conway Zhang, football player and sophomore, said, “I’m still doing my workouts, but since I’ve moved to completely virtual, I do everything at home. My daily assignment is to send my teacher a time-lapse video of my workout.”