Students in wellness classes max out weights, move on to CPR, spinning, yoga, pilates

Daniel Tian

Students in Physical Education 1, health and physical conditioning classes are beginning new units and exercises. Students will learn about CPR, spinning, yoga and pilates workouts. Physical conditioning classes will max out lifts and weights in preparation for upcoming sports.

Kim TenBrink, physical education department chairperson, said, “In health classes, students are starting their drug and alcohol unit. Then, they’ll be learning about CPR. The American Heart Association has updated its curriculum, so they’ll be doing hands-only this year because we’re not doing the breathing. Our P.E. classes have moved inside, and P.E. 1 is doing archery. Starting tomorrow—we’re really excited—we’re walking across the street to the wellness center, and the kids will be taking three different classes within the 90 minute period. They’ll be doing spinning, yoga, and pilates. Our APC and physical conditioning kids are maxing out on their weight and getting all sorts of assessments: how high can they jump, how fast can they run and of course they’re maxing out on their lifts.”

Conway Zhang, football player and sophomore, said, “In APC, we do full body. The main lifts are variations of bench press, squats, dumbbells, and deadlifts. We also do regular bench, close grip bench, multi-grip bench, incline bench. We do front squats, back squats, pause squats, etc. Recently, we’ve been maxing out on weights.”