National Art Honors Society to hold induction ceremony Jan. 30

Jennifer Bubp, National Art Honors Society sponsor, works on her schedule at her desk. Currently, the honors society is preparing for its induction ceremony scheduled for Jan. 30. Bubp said the organization will participate in many events this semester and its members are in “the initial stages of planning right now.”

Isabella White

January 24, 2020

According to Lexi Carter, National Art Honors Society president and junior, the honors society will hold its induction ceremony on Jan. 30 as an official start for the spring-semester organization. Jennifer Bubp, National Art Honors Society sponsor, said members of the group are beginning to plan for their eve...

Housing the Hounds: With Clear the Shelter event this Saturday, CHS students discuss challenges, obstacles with adopting from shelters

Tubby, a shelter dog at the IndyHumane center, goes out on a walk with Junior Shreya Bothra. She said Tubby is one of her favorite dogs; thus, she makes the effort to spend some time pampering him whenever she volunteers.

Lin-Lin Mo

August 14, 2018

In a common turn of events, even after years of pleading with her parents for a dog, senior Mayil Bhat’s parents did not cave in. But, as anyone who knows her will contend, her love for animals of all kinds, especially dogs, has persisted. In August of 2017, she said she followed a friend’s recomme...

Paws4Cause plans summer, next year


May 10, 2010

The Paws4Cause Club has recently been discussing its plans for participation at the Humane Society and other activities during this summer, as well as its continued activity next year. More discussion on these topics is expected to take place at the club meeting after school in Room E204 next Tuesday. Mandy...

Paws4Cause emphasizes Humane Society activities


March 29, 2010

The Paws4Cause Club recently completed its plan to watch the documentary “The Cove.” Teacher sponsor Patti Balchan said, “It was very good, I’m impressed”. Balchan also said that the documentary was a success with the group members. In terms of future plans, several ideas are recurring....

Recession leads to shelter overcrowding


November 20, 2009

  By Kendall Harshberger and Priya Patel <[email protected]> <[email protected]> Every weekend Anita Wang, co-president of the Paws4Cause club and junior, spends her time volunteering at the Hamilton County Humane Society in Noblesville.  She has been volunteering there since the summer, helping out at...