Paws4Cause plans summer, next year


The Paws4Cause Club has recently been discussing its plans for participation at the Humane Society and other activities during this summer, as well as its continued activity next year.

More discussion on these topics is expected to take place at the club meeting after school in Room E204 next Tuesday.

Mandy Maxwell, community outreach coordinator for the Humane Society of Hamilton County, came to speak to the club two weeks ago.

The club donated $515 to the Humane Society’s Matching Campaign, which means the total donation ended up at $1030. This was all the money the club had collected through its various campaigns and events this year.

Patti Balchan, teacher sponsor of Paws4Cause, said, “She told us they’d run out of supplies, and these funds are going to help them tremendously”.

Paws4Cause also expects to sell bracelets, puppy chow and other items at a Houndstock booth this year. As per usual, all the proceeds will go to the Humane Society.

As always, Paws4Cause encourages its members to attend the orientation class at the local Humane Society, which then allows for hands-on animal care. The class is open to anyone over 16 and is held once a month. By Nick Johnson <[email protected]>