Humans of CHS: CHS students share stories of their identities, spontaneous moments

Senior Brandon Matura

Thea Bertolini, Emily Sandy

October 24, 2019

“I’ve been playing football for over four years. It’s a grind for sure, but keeping yourself humble and working every day with the rest of your teammates is really something that I am proud of and the rest of the team is proud of. It’s built me up as a person, and I use it to humble myself and lo...

Dining with Diversity: Students, teachers assess how they celebrate their typical Thanksgiving with cultural twists

Senior Sathvik Madduri sautés onion paste before adding in other ingredients for Biryani.

Bryce Cheng and Darrell Cheng

November 17, 2017

When Thanksgiving comes to mind, turkey, mashed potatoes and football typically come to the forefront. For some students at this school, however, not all of these stereotypical elements are present. For senior Sathvik Madduri, Thanksgiving entails aspects not considered in an average Thanksgiving ...

Online personal information forms a social signature


April 30, 2010

By Thalib Razi <[email protected]> Unlike many students at this school, junior Amy Lovell expected few messages on her Facebook wall wishing her a happy birthday earlier this month. The only personal information on her Facebook profile page is her name and her e-mail address. “It’s sort ...