Students should take a break from constant external stimuli

Students should take a break from constant external stimuli

Grace Xu

December 12, 2019

One Saturday in November, I took it upon myself to attempt a five-hour dopamine fast. (Including sleep, it ended up being a full twelve hours.) I had found out about the self-care trend through the internet, as one does, even though a major component of dopamine fasting is going unplugged. In fact, th...

Controversy Crisis: With Social Media Safety and Awareness Month in May, CHS students, teachers contemplate mixed effects of social media

Sophomores Kendall Greene and Ellie Esrael take a photo through the social media software Snapchat during lunch. Greene says she checks and updates her social media accounts  frequently.

Adhi Ramkumar

April 20, 2018

Prior to the start of her math class, sophomore Kendall Greene briefly glances at her Instagram feed to remain up to date with ongoing events and incidences in her friends’ and families’ lives. On such social media usage, Greene said she regularly turns to social media for purposes such as establish...

Graphic Perspective

Graphic Perspective


December 13, 2013

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February 25, 2010

While some students consider texting effective, others find it distracting and detached By Laura Peng <[email protected]> Junior Mark Huber texts continuously throughout the day: during meals, between class periods and after school. With an unlimited number of text messages on his phone plan, Huber said he sends and receives a total of around ...