Student poets, English teacher strive to make poetry more accessible

Junior Alli Johnson recites “Fire and Ice”, a poem by Robert Frost, during late start on March 4. Johnson said poetry is for everybody and isn’t something to be afraid of, as the subject of the poem can be whatever the poet would like it to be.

Sophia Hawkins

March 20, 2020

For any student of Jason ElRite, ninth grade English teacher, poetry is a regular part of his routine. Every week, he gives his students a prompt, on which they must base a poem. At the beginning of the last class of each week, ElRite takes about half an hour to stand at the front of the class and rea...

In the Mood to Write: Musicians, creative writers reflect on how emotions impact their writing

Godfrey browses through novels to read for inspiration. Godfrey said she enjoys poetry and creative writing and she hopes to take the creative writing class in the future.

Christian Ledbetter

September 20, 2019

As Erin Takahashi, student writer and senior, goes throughout her day, she feels emotions as any other human being does. However, for her, those emotions become a catalyst for story ideas. Before the idea fades, she quickly writes it down somewhere and puts it away to mull over. Later on, this idea...