Q&A with senior Alex Rushinsky on poetry, inspiration

Maddie Misterka

Is there any specific poet whose work you enjoy?

I generally just stumble upon poems I enjoy or I have friends recommend them to me. I obviously would have a hard time labeling what genres I read. It’s poems– generally with some degree of existentialism and that’s where it ends up. That’s the fun of it for me: thinking.

What medium do you usually use to write poetry?

It’s both (physical and digital)… but I prefer writing it down just because I think there’s a more intimate, human component to it… actually putting your emotions onto the page, which I think can be lost in typing. So it kind of just depends on what I have available at the moment. But if I can, I would prefer to write it down.

Have you ever considered making your poetry public?

I’ve considered making an Instagram account (for poetry). But somewhere in my head, it feels awkward, sort of publicizing almost (in) a self gloating way, because that isn’t my poetry. It’s not a ‘look at me’. It’s just, ‘this is happening in my head.’ It’s almost like for me or for my friend. It’s not for the world.

Do you have  a specific topic or genre that you typically write about? 

I guess (I critique) some world events and politics, but I stick mostly to (things like) adolescent struggles, struggles of self discovery, mental health, how to address mental health, toxic masculinity, and hidden problems– the sort of the thing of you see (on) everyone’s highlight reel compared to behind the scenes.