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Q&A with junior Nadiah Swalley on writing, self-publishing process

Avery Carlisle, Entertainment Reporter February 16, 2022

How did you decide you were going to self publish your books? "I had been writing a book for the past two years, and once I finished it, I was like, ‘I really want to publish this,’ but then I...

radio rebel

Jillian Moore January 19, 2022

What is your talk show about? "My talk show, “Teenage Wasteland,” is basically about entertaining people and keeping them updated about what is going on in Carmel. It’s kind of letting people...

Q&A with senior Alex Rushinsky on poetry, inspiration

Q&A with senior Alex Rushinsky on poetry, inspiration

Maddie Misterka January 13, 2022

Is there any specific poet whose work you enjoy? I generally just stumble upon poems I enjoy or I have friends recommend them to me. I obviously would have a hard time labeling what genres I read....

Q&A with freshman Jackson Bowers on nature, Bob Ross inspired artworks

Avery Carlisle November 12, 2021

What sparked your interest in Bob Ross style painting? (I was) 12 or 13 and I was just watching a lot of videos back when those came out. Then one time for Christmas my parents didn’t really have...

artful strokes: 
Senior Nash Cheslock adds details to a pair of white Nike Air Force 1 shoes. Cheslock said he mostly uses acrylic paints for these projects.

Q&A with senior Nash Cheslock on shoe painting hobby

Avery Carlisle October 22, 2021

When did you start painting shoes and how did you discover this hobby? I saw one guy on YouTube do it and it looked really cool, so I figured I would make my own pair. I also paint AirPods and do regular...

Q&A with junior Abigail Abby Culver on  her art, poetry social media campaign

Q&A with junior Abigail “Abby” Culver on her art, poetry social media campaign

Pallevi Pillai September 23, 2021

How does your art impact your daily life? My art is my life. I find my purpose through taking my anger, love, childhood and injustice and turning it into something beautiful, usually music. What...

Sinder photographed artwork at Holsteins at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Sinder said Sam Dameshek and Tyler Kohlhoff’s photography styles have influenced the direction of her own photography.

With May as National Photography Month, students discuss different types of photography

Emily Carlisle May 21, 2021

  Senior Elizabeth “Liz” Winders What type of photography do you do? I do mainly portrait and disposable camera photography, then add digital art and editing to enhance the pictures What...

Using an assortment of
wires, string and beads, sophomore Izzy Monger creates products
for her store. She learned how to work with the materials last year
and her business took off a couple of months later.

Entertainment Spotlight: Sophomore Izzy Monger on her homemade jewelry business

Pallevi Pillai February 20, 2021

What sparked your interest in jewelry making? When did it start? Once quarantine started, I had an abundance of free time and I had recently found a box of beads in my basement, so I ordered some supplies...

Musician and sophomore Celia Watson performs her own songs in Downtown Indianapolis in front of dining crowds. Watson recorded her first album, consisting of three songs, in 2020.

Entertainment Spotlight: Musician and sophomore Celia Watson on passions for singing and guitar

Michelle Wan January 19, 2021

When did you begin to have an interest in playing guitar and singing? I’ve been making music since I was a little kid; my dad bought me my first guitar (it was a butterfly one) at age 8. However,...

Mackenzie Edwards (right), lead singer of band Lightning in a Bottle and sophomore, sings outside with accompaniment from her bandmates. Edwards said that being involved with the band has allowed her to interact with a vibrant community and share music with others.

Entertainment Spotlight: Mackenzie Edwards, lead singer of band “Lightning in a Bottle” and sophomore, talks passion for music

Jillian Moore January 4, 2021

What inspired you to pursue music?   I can't really remember. I was like six when I started singing. But I don't know. What inspired me to go on was, I don’t know, singing or music, generally....

As alternative fashion rises, Carmel students find unique ways to dress, discuss if they feel accepted at Carmel

As alternative fashion rises, Carmel students find unique ways to dress, discuss if they feel accepted at Carmel

Riley Laferriere September 26, 2020

Fashion styles change constantly as new trends emerge on social media, influencers display new fads and students try to impress others with their original clothing combinations. Euphoria makeup and...

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