Q&A with freshman Jackson Bowers on nature, Bob Ross inspired artworks

Avery Carlisle

What sparked your interest in Bob Ross style painting?

(I was) 12 or 13 and I was just watching a lot of videos back when those came out. Then one time for Christmas my parents didn’t really have anything to give me, so (they) suggested a paint set or something like that.

Can you describe the steps you take to create your artworks?

First I get a canvas, then there is this white paint you have to put over it. It is called liquid white and you have to put that on. After that, I normally start with the sky and work my way forward in the painting. That’s normally how I do it.

Where does inspiration for your artworks come from?

My paintings look a lot like (many) of Bob Ross’s, but I have only done a few that are actually from Bob Ross. Most of them are my own ideas, but they do look a lot like what he does just because it is the same style.

How has painting shaped you was an individual?

It has made me look more at nature since I paint nature. I now tend to look at that more than I used to. It has also made me happier (and) it’s a cool thing to do.