Family Learn to Fish participant catches a fish while his mom watches nearby. The Department of Natural Resources scheduled the event on a Free Fishing Day, which means that anglers don't need a license to fish the state's public waters. Participants also learned about ethics during the event, so they caught and released the fish.

Off the Hook: Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Department plans to host “Family Learn to Fish” event to educate community on fishing methods and safety

Rhea Acharya and Grace Xu May 17, 2019

On May 18, the Monon Community Center plans to host a “Family Learn to Fish” event at the Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation Department from 9 a.m. to noon. According to Erica Foreman, the Carmel Clay...

Carmel students address climate change; think globally, act locally

Avery Thorpe May 3, 2019

According to The National Climate Change Assessment, “Over the last 50 years, much of the United States. has seen increases in prolonged periods of excessively elevated temperatures, heavy downpours,...

This is the art sculpture, titled Home Run, located on the roundabout at the intersection of 116th St. and Hazel Dell Parkway. Junior Vivian Werstler lives right next to this roundabout and said she agrees funds should go into roundabout sculptures, mentioning she hopes Carmel will continue building these pieces of art despite some negative response from citizens.

A Work Of (Public) Art: Students, mayor discuss aesthetics vs. costs of recently added public art on Carmel roundabouts

Isabella White September 21, 2018

After living in Carmel, a city well-known for frequent construction and dedication to improvement, the recent installment of new pieces of public art in the center of roundabouts came as no surprise to...

Future Gene-ius: Students, staff discuss effects of important discoveries in science, potential for future.

Future Gene-ius: Students, staff discuss effects of important discoveries in science, potential for future.

Angela Qian February 23, 2018

Next Wednesday marks the 65th anniversary of a huge scientific discovery. On Feb. 28, 1953, geneticist Francis Crick and his colleague James Watson walked into a pub and said they had “discovered the...

Are leaders born or made?

perspectives October 19, 2011

In response to a recent NPR story about President Barack Obama’s attempts to re-establish his role as a leader, Shayan Ahmad and Andy Yang debate the common controversy of nature vs. nurture. "Leaders...

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