Kent Fujita

With his co-hosts, Bailey works on the show every Saturday from 9 to 10 p.m, often utilizing headsets in the studio.

Jillian Moore

What is your talk show about?

“My talk show, “Teenage Wasteland,” is basically about entertaining people and keeping them updated about what is going on in Carmel. It’s kind of letting people in on what it’s like to be a teenager during the early 2020’s and just kind of what that experience is like because as phones become more of a part of people’s daily lives and as social aspects change with social media, it’s important to show people what it’s like to go through those experiences with our generation.”

How do you plan to develop your talk show into the second semester?

“My plan for development is really to create a more fluid talk show that people can tune in to and just feel comfortable listening to. Through doing that, I need to, or at least we as a group need to, connect more as people and just find a way to go in front of a microphone and still be our natural selves.”

What skills has hosting “Teenage Wasteland” given you?

“I think having a radio show is definitely a stressful thing to have, but it’s also a great way to kind of learn how to be your natural self in situations you may not be used to being in.”

Why would you recommend your talk show to others? 

“I think it’s great to listen to because with a lot of talk shows, you feel like you have to really listen in to understand what’s going on. We keep it pretty simple with lighthearted conversation, so it’s something you can really keep in the background and listen to, to entertain yourself.”

When and where can students tune in and listen?

“You can tune in by going onto 91.3 FM on the radio, whether you’re driving in your car or at home. You can also listen on your phone or on your laptop by going to There’s a livestream that will always have our radio station on it.”

What’s your favorite part about the talk show?

“My favorite part is the people that I get to do it with. Owen Bruner and Ryan Jones are just great for hosts. We have a lot of fun and we make sure that we hang out after school and outside of radio so we can really connect and make it so it’s a lot more fluid for us.”