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Students should spend more time offline to prioritize productivity

Students should spend more time offline to prioritize productivity

Isaac Hsu September 12, 2022

Given the never-ending rise of social media outlets that give more access to different facets of the internet, you have likely spent hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. I can definitely admit...

Q&A with senior Alex Rushinsky on poetry, inspiration

Q&A with senior Alex Rushinsky on poetry, inspiration

Maddie Misterka January 13, 2022

Is there any specific poet whose work you enjoy? I generally just stumble upon poems I enjoy or I have friends recommend them to me. I obviously would have a hard time labeling what genres I read....

CyberPatriot member and sophomore David Racovan accesses a computer. Racovan said cybersecurity helps protect data and privacy and helps students stay aware of what they post online and who views it.

As Cyber Monday approaches, students, administrator discuss cyberbullying, cyber safety

Archit Kalra and Kruti Subbannavar November 12, 2021

After a cyberbullying incident over Instagram when she was a freshman, junior Ella Owens said she does not spend as much time online as she used to.  “I stopped caring about it so much,” Owens...

Embrace Instagram’s shift to casual posts, but remember false nature of social media

Chloe Sun September 23, 2021

Photo dumps, #nofilter, blurry pictures—the movement to make Instagram casual again is something that has permeated the platform. In an attempt to challenge the longstanding norm that Instagram is a...

KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS:  (Left to right) Freshmen Jamie Elliott, Ava Carter and 
Chloe Del Carlo smile as they look through the 
@carmel_complimentss Instagram page together. 
The account has shared upwards of 70 compliments daily.

Q&A with freshmen Chloe Del Carlo, Ava Josephine Carter, Jamie Elliott, revealed creators of @carmel_complimentss Instagram page

Emily Sandy April 18, 2021

Why did you start this account? Del Carlo: We (noticed) people were making those other weird mean accounts that were meant to spread rumors and different things (so) we just thought that we could make...

Using an assortment of
wires, string and beads, sophomore Izzy Monger creates products
for her store. She learned how to work with the materials last year
and her business took off a couple of months later.

Entertainment Spotlight: Sophomore Izzy Monger on her homemade jewelry business

Pallevi Pillai February 20, 2021

What sparked your interest in jewelry making? When did it start? Once quarantine started, I had an abundance of free time and I had recently found a box of beads in my basement, so I ordered some supplies...

Junior Marissa Cheslock threads her sewing machine. When determining when do repurpose clothes or start from scratch, she said, If its something big, itd be very hard to find something to repurpose for that because theres so much fabric involved.

Junior Marissa Cheslock repurposes old clothes, posts her creations on her sewing Instagram

Grace Xu April 2, 2020

How did you become interested in sewing? My grandma taught me how to sew, and I did sewing lessons with her for a while. I kind of did it because I thought I had to. Then I started taking sewing lessons...

COVID-19 Cases in Indiana as of March 20

COVID-19 Cases by County Over Time

Rhea Acharya March 20, 2020

Take a look at the specific Indiana counties affected by COVID-19.

Juniors Brian Yuan and Erik Nelson manage History meme page

Juniors Brian Yuan and Erik Nelson manage History meme page

Thea Bertolini February 21, 2020

Where did you get the inspiration to start the account? Yuan: I started the account with two goals in mind - to spread history memes and to make money, if I’m being honest. Nelson: I hopped on the...

As part of her skincare routine, Senior Hannah Liu applies Blanc De La Mer cream, a facial hydrating mask used to moisturize and brighten the skin. Liu said skincare is an important part of her self care routine. Another thing that she chooses to incorporate in her life for self care is exercise, specifically dancing.

In light of growing popularity of self-care, students, counselor evaluate proposed benefits, shortcomings of trends

Michelle Lu December 12, 2019

Glossy Twitter threads. Instagram accounts boasting skincare products. Podcasts sharing stress relievers. Vlogs recording daily routines. These are all facets of the “self-care” movement that has taken...

Junior Shannon Xie paints on a sheet of plastic hung from the ceiling. She said she likes doing both digital and traditional painting, with her traditional art pieces being mainly oil and acrylic paintings.

Junior Shannon Xie does art commissions through her Instagram, @hunnypuffs

Angela Qian December 12, 2019

How would you describe your style? I don’t really do realism anymore, now that I have more free reign so what I like to draw, so I go for more of an illustrative style that’s kind of semi-realistic....

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