Q&A with freshmen Chloe Del Carlo, Ava Josephine Carter, Jamie Elliott, revealed creators of @carmel_complimentss Instagram page


Emily Sandy, Chloe Sun

KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS: (Left to right) Freshmen Jamie Elliott, Ava Carter and Chloe Del Carlo smile as they look through the @carmel_complimentss Instagram page together. The account has shared upwards of 70 compliments daily.

Emily Sandy

Why did you start this account?

Del Carlo: We (noticed) people were making those other weird mean accounts that were meant to spread rumors and different things (so) we just thought that we could make one that was more positive.

What’s your system for running the account?

Elliott: I share the compliments on the story.

Del Carlo: I normally reply to the (direct messages).

Carter: I make the posts and help with the stories.

Take us through your normal day of posting.

Elliott: All of our compliments are shared on our (Instagram) story, so in the morning I post a question sticker for that day and make the new (Instagram) highlight for that day. Throughout the day, people will send in (compliments), I’ll repost those on our story and tag the person, and then I’ll add it to that day’s highlight. You can find every day under our story.

Why did you choose to keep your account anonymous?

Elliott: If people knew who we were, they probably wouldn’t be as truthful or they might not even bother. 

Del Carlo: (This way) people could (feel comfortable) sending in (compliments) they wouldn’t want other people knowing about.

How do you think that your account has helped the morale of students at CHS?

Carter: I think that it brings something bright into someone’s day—there’s not a bunch of bad rumors or anything, it’s just all positivity. 

Del Carlo: I think that it probably boosts their self-esteem as well. We don’t tell people who sent in the compliment, so they may not even know who it is and just appreciate it.

Doing this for over 200 days, how has this impacted you?

Elliott: I get to learn more about people and how kind they are. I think that it has shown all of us how just one compliment can impact somebody because we have gotten a lot of direct messages thanking us for what we’re doing and saying how much they appreciate it.


Click here to check out the @carmel_complimentss Instagram page.