Q&A with library specialist John Love on his passion for collecting LEGO sets

Q&A with library specialist John Love on his passion for collecting LEGO sets

Emily Sandy and Riley TerBush September 23, 2021

How did you start your LEGO collection? My kids are now 23 and 21. (Growing up,) they loved LEGO(s), so we always (bought) these LEGO sets for birthdays, holidays, and random days. The big sets that...

Sky Simpson, father Steve Simpson on running SkyBoxes [Biz Buzz]

Sky Simpson, father Steve Simpson on running SkyBoxes [Biz Buzz]

Emily Sandy and Chloe Sun May 15, 2021

As the school year comes to a close, my friend Emily Sandy reached out to Sky Simpson and his father Steve Simpson to talk about their mailbox business, SkyBoxes! (View a Fox59 feature of them here!) They...

KILL ‘EM WITH KINDNESS:  (Left to right) Freshmen Jamie Elliott, Ava Carter and 
Chloe Del Carlo smile as they look through the 
@carmel_complimentss Instagram page together. 
The account has shared upwards of 70 compliments daily.

Q&A with freshmen Chloe Del Carlo, Ava Josephine Carter, Jamie Elliott, revealed creators of @carmel_complimentss Instagram page

Emily Sandy April 18, 2021

Why did you start this account? Del Carlo: We (noticed) people were making those other weird mean accounts that were meant to spread rumors and different things (so) we just thought that we could make...

Junior Adi Ariyur works on his CHS Club Access app. He said a challenge he faced while coding the app was using a Django framework, because he had to implement multiple user types and handle administration, sponsor, and member logins.

Q&A with 2020 Congressional App Challenge winner, junior Adi Ariyur

Emily Sandy March 16, 2021

Please describe your app and all it does. Why is it important?  The purpose of CHS Club Access is to promote and allow for the easier management of clubs. In the management aspect of this app, admins...

Q&A with junior Kendall Frobig on Girl Talk weekly podcast

Q&A with junior Kendall Frobig on “Girl Talk” weekly podcast

Emily Sandy February 20, 2021

Introduce yourself! Hi, my name is Kendall Frobig, I am a junior at Carmel High School and I have my own podcast at WHJE, the school’s radio station. It’s called “Girl Talk.” Girl Talk is a female...

Q&A with Noah Tan on creating a regional virtual science competition

Q&A with Noah Tan on creating a regional virtual science competition

Emily Sandy November 27, 2020

Could you explain to me what the Quarantine Science Tournament is? So, last year when lockdown started, some of my friends and I got pulled out of our science competitions. They were all canceled, like...

In 2016, freshman Ava Beckman and her father, David Beckman, collect food from the kitchen counter on Thanksgiving. Beckman said her family normally celebrates Thanksgiving with many family members, but this year, due to the coronavirus, will most likely only celebrate Thanksgiving with immediate family. Beckman said, “I would say just go ahead and make those changes to be safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry. I’d say you would rather have a smaller Thanksgiving celebration and not have anybody get sick, instead of having a big celebration and then half those people have COVID and it’s a very dangerous virus, somebody could be in the hospital, somebody could pass away.”

Students find new ways to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday due to COVID-19

Tsion Daniel November 26, 2020

For senior Logan Tullai, as for many students at this school, Thanksgiving is an annual family tradition. For Tullai, Thanksgiving serves as a time of reflection. “It’s a good time to reflect on...

Q&A with Madison DelValle on interest in glam, hair metal

Q&A with Madison DelValle on interest in glam, hair metal

Emily Sandy September 25, 2020

What type of music are you interested in? I love eighties hair metal, glam metal, and heavy metal. And they're all sort of different, but they're all in the same kind of category.  Would you be able...

Students, staff find new ways of dealing with excessive use of technology

Tsion Daniel September 21, 2020

Senior Jasmine Hsu is not able to finish her last year at CHS normally. Due to COVID-19, Hsu is facing a new reality as she manages college applications, clubs,and rigorous AP courses as a virtual student....

Humans of CHS

Humans of CHS

Emily Sandy and Marissa Ryan May 21, 2020

Senior Lindsay Bickett At the beginning of the quarantine, I mainly focused on the negatives. I would get really upset and angry that this virus had to come at the end of my senior year. However, as...

Emily Sandy (LEFT), staff member and sophomore, and senior Claire Sandy (RIGHT) pose for a selfie. Emily said they love to look at filters on Snapchat and watch cat videos together.

It’s past time to retire word ‘retard,’ embrace those with differences

Emily Sandy March 20, 2020

In seventh grade, I came home to the yells of my sister who was screaming to my mom that someone at school called her a “retard.” My sister, who has special needs, was clearly upset by the fact that...

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