Q&A with Madison DelValle on interest in glam, hair metal

Emily Sandy

What type of music are you interested in?

I love eighties hair metal, glam metal, and heavy metal. And they’re all sort of different, but they’re all in the same kind of category. 

Would you be able to explain hair metal?

So hair metal is a certain kind of music that was in the eighties that involved hair. It originated from the seventies. (It includes) all the high heels, shiny pants, (and) tight leather pants.

How has hair metal inspired you?

Hair metal inspired me a lot. I’ve made so many new friends online because of this and I (was inspired to) play the guitar. I’ve been playing for a year. So the music just inspired me to play the guitar and take lessons and everything.

So how has this passion affected your life in general?

Mostly my fashion sense. I’m so inspired by fashion sense because Glam metal and Hair metal–it’s so much more than just music. I don’t really want to think about the lifestyle (since) that’s not a good thing (because those) people (were) into drugs (or) had sex addictions.

How long have you been interested in this?

I’ve always been into classic rock. In elementary school, I remember my mom listened to Fleetwood Mac. So I was always into  eighties (and) seventies rock. I also used to play guitar hero. I loved that game, I played it all the time. My favorite song from that was “Holy Diver” by DIO. Then in late eighth grade, I got a ukulele. I was scrolling through YouTube looking up how to play (classic rock) on the ukulele and I recognized “Holy Diver” from Guitar Hero. After that, I looked up the whole game and all the songs, and then I just got obsessed from there. 

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Can you walk through the steps of making a glam metal outfiit?

Glam metal is GLAM metal, so it includes everything glammy, right? So the guys wear high heels and big hair. They tease it, hairspray, everything. Most wear either leather pants and their t-shirt or like jeans and a leather jacket. (A necessity is) something leather. I love leather. I have leather pants. I have a leather hat, leather gloves. That’s definitely a must-have.

What kinds of memorabilia do you collect?

I love records. I have 50, maybe 55. I don’t buy them online because that’s not as fun. You have to go to record stores and search for them. I like getting original things that are old, that are busted up, which makes it feel cool. (I think) ‘Oh my gosh, someone had this before me.’ I have my favorite album, Shout at the Devil by Mötley Crüe (with) the original cover. I also have a couple (records) in the original shrink wrap. (For instance,) I have this Ozzy Osborne album. It’s in the original shrink wrap, which is really cool. I (also) have this really, really cool Ozzy Osborne concert flag from 1989. (When) I found it, it was all ripped on the sides. It’s so sick.