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Q&A with library specialist John Love on his passion for collecting LEGO sets

Riley Terbush

How did you start your LEGO collection?

My kids are now 23 and 21. (Growing up,) they loved LEGO(s), so we always (bought) these LEGO sets for birthdays, holidays, and random days. The big sets that I have that we would always buy would come out around the holidays. We’d buy a big set, and we would build it together as a family.

How much time do you spend building sets?

Whenever I (had) a free moment, we’d (my family) would bring out a (LEGO) set and it would sit on a table and we’d tinker with it and play with it for a little while.It might sit out there (one night) for
a half an hour, but it takes me forever to do a whole set.

Why do you like to collect LEGO sets?

It truly started as just something that I did with my kids when they were growing up. Now both my kids are not at home, but I still buy LEGO(s) to keep myself occupied. I (specifically) collected the buildings because I think they’re really cool. I like the idea of seeing the creativity that goes into design(ing) these.

Do you see yourself doing anything more with LEGOs in the future?

I heard that the LEGO employees get a pretty good discount. I think (working there) would be super fun because they get to build their sets and then use them as a display. (I think it is) a perfect opportunity.


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