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Junior Mason Buysee reads a recent news article for a school project. There needs to be a better way to combat false information. A habit Ive formed is cross referencing information, whether thats information from the news or from sources for schoolwork. Its a good skill to have in the long run, said Buysee.

Students battle false information on social media

Charlotte Moser March 12, 2024

For freshman Emily Wang, the struggle against false information is part of her everyday life. Wang said as she navigates social media, research, and TikTok, she consistently comes across misinformation. “I’m...

Social media’s sudden hype around Gypsy Rose Blanchard is getting too creepy [opinion]

Social media’s sudden hype around Gypsy Rose Blanchard is getting too creepy [opinion]

Avery Carlisle February 7, 2024

Since her release from prison on Dec. 28, 2023, the media has been blowing up with the press revolving around Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Blanchard was a victim of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, in which her...

WHJE member and senior Ava Beckman prepares radio equipment for her radio shows. Beckman hosts the “She’s History” and “The Book Was Better” talk shows for WHJE. “She’s History” is about womens’ news and sharing stories about influential women of the past and present. “The Book Was Better” connects students with local authors and librarians as well as spreading the love of reading.

Students, teachers reflect on the digital evolution of high school journalism, communications

Evelyn Foster February 1, 2024

This school’s radio system, 91.3 WHJE, has a frequently updated website and relatively popular Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and YouTube platforms - but it hasn’t always been this way. Even though the...

Grace Guo & Ayaan Nadeem

Students, communications chair discuss skewed perspectives that come from polarization of social media

Emma Hu and Asini Jayarapu November 16, 2023

Like many of his classmates, sophomore Jackson “Jack” Miller uses his free time in classes to scroll on his phone. However, Miller has different interests than his peers. While they tap away at Instagram...

Banning TikTok isn’t a good idea

Banning TikTok isn’t a good idea

Chenyao Liu April 24, 2023

In our current era of hyper partisanship, the Democrats and Republicans have united over a simple objective: banning TikTok.  On March 7, senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and John Thune (R-SD) proposed...

Students, professor debate effects of seeing violence on social media, desensitization

Students, professor debate effects of seeing violence on social media, desensitization

Chenyao Liu January 26, 2023

Senior Eric Yang said he believes the massive amount and frequency of content on social media can be overwhelming.  “You’re scrolling, and you get so much content of all different sorts at the...

Senior Eric Yang scrolls through tik tok during his SSRT. He said that social media can lead to less personal friendships.

Students recognize social media’s impact on communication, social aggression

Chenyao Liu January 24, 2023

Senior Eric Yang spends a lot of time on TikTok. However, though he said he enjoys being on social media, he also believes it can be harmful.  “I believe (social media is) a very inevitable thing...

Junior Pragathi Arunkumar studies in her room on Dec 16, 2022. Arunkumar said “This year I’m going on vacation, but it’s a bit stressful because I have so much schoolwork to do.”

Students feel pressure to enjoy their vacations

Lorna Ding and Pahal Sehgal December 19, 2022

While many students plan to go on vacation over winter break, senior Sadie Penix said she is staying home.  “I actually prefer to stay home especially over Christmas and New Years because I just...

Junior Pari Batra visits the library to read some newspapers. She said news from social media have a high probability of being false.

Students weigh pros and cons of news from social media

Ayaan Nadeem November 7, 2022

World communications week is Nov. 1 to Nov. 7. According to the Pew Research Center, 70% of U.S. adults consume news from Facebook. Many students at this school also said they get the majority of news...

Sophomore Juhee Tyagi scrolls through Instagram during her Algebra II class on Oct. 5, 2022. Tyagi said its important to balance social media usage.

Students discuss everyday habits, minor social media addiction

Ayaan Nadeem October 22, 2022

Social media has now become a consistent factor in a student’s life. According to a Pew Research Center study from August, 54% of U.S teenagers say it would be hard to give up social media. Sophomore...

Students should spend more time offline to prioritize productivity

Students should spend more time offline to prioritize productivity

Isaac Hsu September 12, 2022

Given the never-ending rise of social media outlets that give more access to different facets of the internet, you have likely spent hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram. I can definitely admit...

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