Who is on the ballot for the May 3 Indiana Primary

Who is on the ballot for the May 3 Indiana Primary


May 1, 2016

With the Indiana Primary coming up on May 3, many CHS students are eligible to vote. For a primary, voters will elect one person for every position to represent their party in the general election in November. In addition to the presidential nomination, Republican and Democratic primary voters will nominate...

Students make decisions to vote for first time, participate in politics

represent Us: Steve Braun, an Indiana state representative candidate, presents his views at a Republican debate. Students can vote for candidates such as Braun in the upcoming election. Henry Jackson / Photo


April 27, 2012

Students here will have their first opportunities to participate in state and national elections on May 8 when the Indiana primary takes place. A primary election is a preliminary vote used to determine which candidate will receive the official nomination of his or her party for a general election. Becau...

Clinton’s visit precursor to primary

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April 29, 2008

By: Jaclyn Chen <[email protected]> The pounding beat of country music, the daunting American flag hanging front and center and the roar of the crowd were only appropriate to welcome to school Monday morning former President Bill Clinton. Read More »...