Who is on the ballot for the May 3 Indiana Primary



With the Indiana Primary coming up on May 3, many CHS students are eligible to vote. For a primary, voters will elect one person for every position to represent their party in the general election in November. In addition to the presidential nomination, Republican and Democratic primary voters will nominate several national, state, and county positions. Here is a guide for voters on who they will nominate from each party.

You can also check voting registration, where to vote and other related information here.

Republican Party

The Republican Party will have many more candidates running for more positions since Hamilton County is heavily Republican and not many Democrats choose to run for positions, especially in local office.


Donald Trump
Trump is the current front-runner in the GOP for the party’s presidential nomination. A business owner who touts his outsider status to stop establishment politicians in Washington, he’s made headlines for his “tell it like it is” comments on immigration and terrorism. If you don’t know who Donald Trump is by this point…then good luck. Find Trump’s website here.

Ted Cruz
A first term Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz is known as the anti-establishment member of the Senate, speaking out against his own party’s leadership. The most ideologically pure conservative in the race, Cruz is now making an effort to consolidate the party’s opposition to Trump. Find Cruz’s website here.

John Kasich
The most experienced candidate among the GOP, John Kasich is currently the Governor of Ohio. Known for his experience as the Budget Chairman in the House in the 1990’s, record as a Governor, and his positive message for unifying the country, he currently is a distance third in the delegate count for the nomination. Find Kasich’s website here.

US Senate

Todd Young
A former Marine officer, Todd Young is currently a US Congressman from Indiana’s 9th district. He is running for US Senate as a more moderate conservative, choosing to take a more passionate approach to immigration reform while securing the border. Find Young’s website here.

Marlin Stutzman
A current US Congressman from Indiana’s 3rd district, Marlin Stutzman previously ran for US Senate in 2010. Marlin Stutzman is the more ideologically pure conservative, endorsed by the tea party. Find Stutzman’s website here.

US Congress 5th District

Susan Brooks
The current congresswoman for our district Susan Brooks was first elected to the position in 2012 and is a former Ivy Tech President and US District Attorney. In Congress, Brooks has been a more moderate conservative, voting to end the government shutdown in 2013 and has sponsored bipartisan legislaion. Find Brooks’ website here.

Stephan Mackenzie
A current member of the Air Force reserve, Stephan Mackenzie is running for Congress on a more conservative platform to unseat Brooks. He is also running as an outsider candidate who can better represent the people’s concerns and supports congressional term limits. Find Mackenzie’s website here.

David Campbell
Campbell ran against Brooks in 2014, loosing to her in a three way race for the nomination.


Mike Pence
The current Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence is running unopposed in the GOP primary for the gubernatorial election. Pence has faced criticism and low approval ratings for the RFRA passed into law last spring and the recent anti-abortion bill. Find Pence’s website here.

Indiana State House of Representatives

Donna Schaibley
The current representative for District 24 which encompasses Carmel, Zionsville, and Westfield, Schaibley has served in the Indiana House of Representatives since 2014. She was also a former substitute teacher for special needs education at Carmel High School. Find Schaibley’s bio here.

Greg Fetig
A former staffer to Richard Mourdock’s campaign to unseat incumbent GOP senator Richard Lugar, Fettig is now running for a seat in the Indiana legislature. Fetig is supported by the Tea Party movement and is running as a fiscal conservative. Find Fetig’s website here.

Hamilton County Judge

Jon Brown
A resident of Hamilton County for over twenty years, Jon Brown now practices law in Noblesville. Brown is hoping to use his experience in court, both as a lawyer and common citizen to take into account all perspectives as a judge. Find Brown’s twitter page here.

David Najjar
A former CHS graduate, David Najjar currently serves as Magistrate, appointed by the elected judges of Hamilton County in 2005. Najjar is hoping that his experience in working with the Hamilton County judges will help him in his bid for a seat on the court. Find Najjar’s website here.

County Auditor

Robin Mills
Robin Mills is the current county auditor and is running for reelection unopposed. Find Mills’ Facebook page here.

County Treasurer

Jennifer Templeton
The current county treasurer, Templeton is running for reelection unopposed. Find Templeton’s website here.

County Surveyor

Kenton Ward
The current county surveyor, Ward is running for reelection unopposed. Find Ward’s government page here.

County Council at Large (choose 3)

Brad Beaver
A member of the County Council for 20 years, Beaver is again running for reelection. Find Beaver’s website here.

Bill Dennis
After failing to win a special election for a County Council seat back in March, Dennis will attempt to win a full term in May.

Jeff Hern
A former township executive for Fall Creek Township, Hern is now running for County Council. As a Fall Creek Township Executive, Hern kept the township debt free. Find Hern’s website here.

George Kehl
The Chief of Police for Fishers since 1978, Kehl is now running for County Council on a platform of improved public safety and infrastructure. Find Kehl’s website here.

Rick McKinney
A current member of the County Council, McKinney is running for reelection. Find McKinney’s website here.

Democratic Party


Hillary Clinton
The current frontrunner in the Democratic field, Hillary Clinton is coming off a string of key victories in the northeast and will look to Indiana to further solidify her path to the nomination. Clinton has achieved much support from women and minorities with her more moderate agenda. Find Clinton’s website here.

Bernie Sanders
The more liberal and progressive candidate, Bernie Sanders has achieved a surprising amount of success challenging Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Although the actual nomination may be out of sight, Sanders is intent on creating a Democratic platform that has a more liberal agenda. Find Sanders’ website here.

US Senate

Baron Hill
A former Congressman from Indiana’s 9th district, Baron Hill is now running for US Senate and will face the GOP nominee, either Young or Stutzman, in the general election. Hill will face an uphill battle against the GOP nominee, but will look to Senator Joe Donnelley’s upset victory in 2012 as an example. Find Hill’s website here.


John Gregg
A former Speaker of the House for the Indiana House of Representatives, John Gregg will run again for Governor after narrowly being defeated by Mike Pence in 2012. A moderate Democrat, Gregg is advocating against Pence’s controversial social policies, while pursuing a moderate fiscal agenda. Find Gregg’s website here.

US Congress 5th District

Allen Davidson
Previously running for the 5th district in 2014, Davidson is again running on a platform of reducing the national debt. Davidson wants to allow the Department of Defense to turn down budget appropriations and end the “use it or lose it” policy for federal departments. Find Davidson’s Facebook page here.

Angela Demaree
A reserve military officer for the Army and a practicing veterinarian, Demaree is now running for Congress to help end the gridlock on capitol hill. Demaree is a more moderate Democrat, wanting to build upon the Affordable Care Act while supporting agriculture and the 2nd amendment. Find Demaree’s website here.