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More than Music

More than Music

May 1, 2017

What we love (and hate) about political commentary:


February 28, 2014

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Political commentary: where the great intellects of our time appear together to discuss ideas about our country, and express concerns about the future of our democracy. Or a bunch of angry “journalists” who talk as loud as...

Olympic Controversy. Homosexual discrimination remains a major concern as Sochi Olympics approach.


January 23, 2014

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While the world turns their eyes to Sochi, Russia this February for the Winter Olympics, many will see some of the most daring and gifted athletes in the world compete in a variety of events that will test their minds, bodies...

Why a change in attitude is so important in the midst of the government shutdown.

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October 13, 2013

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Many Americans are growing more and more troubled over the recent government shutdown. And with good reason. While the government shutdown doesn’t actually stop the essential parts of the government from functioning, like...