Students Participate in Global Climate Strike


On Friday, March 15, CHS students participated in a global climate strike to protest government inaction regarding global warming and climate change. Approximately 400 students from 20 schools across the state attended the rally, which was held on the south side of the Indiana State House from 12-2. In addition, students did not attend school that day.

The strike was part of a movement originated in Sweden by 16 year old Greta Thunberg, who, at the beginning of the school year, began striking from school every friday which in front of the Swedish Parliament.

Sophomore Keloe Sefo, who spoke at the rally, said “I participated in the climate strike because serious change is needed. We as a nation and planet have 11 years to fix the mistakes we have made before it is irreversible. I striked because I want to bring awareness to the change in climate. I also striked because I want my kids, and my grandkids to grow up in a beautiful world and experience the things I experienced as a kid.”

The strikes main objective was to urge state representatives to pass legislation that aims to implement protection for the environment and restrict pollution and emissions from large corporations.

This is why freshman Daniel Tanner, who also spoke at the rally, said that he participated. “I wanted to spread awareness about an often overlooked problem and to work to defeat the negligence that often surrounds climate change. What I loved most was getting to speak about the cause and see a group of youth fighting for change together.” One of the facts cited in many speeches during the rally was that, according to the EPA, hoosier breathe in air that is 40 times above the recommended limit

Students from 125 different countries on six continents striked, leading marches, rallies and protests across the world.

In the United States, one of the things that students pushed for was the passing of the Green New Deal, a piece of legislation that consists of reforms to government policy intended to address climate change and global economic inequalities.

Sophomore Tali Duckworth said, “The best part about the climate strike was seeing all the youth that participated and getting to lead them in chants.”