Students, teacher consider environmental implications of thrifting

Students, teacher consider environmental implications of thrifting

Lorna Ding May 20, 2022

Sophomore Christine Hu has been thrifting since she was 3 years old. Thrifting, which first became popular during the Great Depression, is the process of shopping at stores that sell secondhand clothing.  “It’s...

helpful hat

Students craft clothes for sustainability, against fast fashion

Christian Ledbetter and Grace Guo May 19, 2022

Senior Victoria Simich has always been in the hobby of homemade goods, be it making books with their grandma or sewing as a means of expression, however, their relationship with handmade goods changed...

Elsa Barron,
with Hoosier
Interfaith Power
and Light (HIPL)
and Christian,
speaks at a
climate rally
in the Indiana
Barron said,
“The good
work that is
through things
like creation
care is still good
work, and it is
important to
continue it.”

Students, activist are inspired by religion to improve environment, engage in activism

Sumedha Kota and Claire He May 19, 2022

Senior Luca Kim, who identifies as a Christian, said she believes there exists an important intersection between Christ and the environment. According to Kim, faith has helped her connect with the Earth.  “Church...

Green Action Club Members

Club Spotlight: Green Action Club

Siri Surapaneni May 17, 2022

Club sponsor Carey Anderson  Q: What has been your favorite event you’ve put on this year? A: There’s just too many. So I’m a district representative for our district and I come back...

Given uncertainties surrounding recycling industry, students should reconsider recycling

Given uncertainties surrounding recycling industry, students should reconsider recycling

Alivia Romaniuk March 21, 2022

We are all aware of the implications of disposable plastic. We’ve seen the sea turtles trapped in it, the whales who accidentally ingest it, the landfills that are full of plastic wrappers, straws and...

Junior Ali Schuman takes her gecko out of its cage. Schuman said
even though her gecko is confined to staying
inside, having
pets has helped
her connect to wildlife and understand the difficulties associated with taking care of pets.

Students, teacher discuss wildlife protection, ways to help environment

Eddie Sun, Student Section Writer December 6, 2021

World Wildlife Conservation Day, which is on Dec. 4, has been around since 2012. Its purpose, based on a pledge by the U.S State Department, is to protect wild animals by encouraging protection for species...

Green Action Club sponsor and CCS Green Team representative Carey Anderson hangs a poster for the club on her wall. Anderson said she helps students increase awareness of environmental issues.

On eve of National Public Lands Day, students volunteer to help protect public lands in Carmel

Sumedha Kota September 23, 2021

National Public Lands Day is this Saturday, and volunteering for public lands lends more attention to environmental groups at this school. CHS has a variety of opportunities for students to get involved...

Polar Un-Freeze

Polar Un-Freeze

Edward Dong February 18, 2021

COMPOST QUEEN: Maanya Rajesh, co-leader of Green Action Club and sophomore, carries buckets of compost materials to add to her compost pile. Rajesh said she created Green Action club because she really cares about the environment and wants to bring awareness to saving the planet at CHS.

Earth Day Every Day: In honor of Earth day, students, staff practice living sustainably, discuss importance of environmental movement

Marissa Ryan and Kris Otten March 20, 2020

In a school of over 5,000 students, there are bound to be different talents, terms of expression and passions, but not many can say their passion surrounds the environment like Maanya Rajesh, leader of...

In light of recent Fair Oaks incident, students, dietitian explain experience with, reasoning behind vegan lifestyles

In light of recent Fair Oaks incident, students, dietitian explain experience with, reasoning behind vegan lifestyles

Grace Xu August 13, 2019

The day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the winter of 2018, junior Carmen Broadnax suddenly decided to never eat meat again. And not just meat, either. She’d chosen to cut out all animal-related...

Carmel students address climate change; think globally, act locally

Avery Thorpe May 3, 2019

According to The National Climate Change Assessment, “Over the last 50 years, much of the United States. has seen increases in prolonged periods of excessively elevated temperatures, heavy downpours,...

Kian Robinson, club member and junior, takes notes on volunteering opportunities.

Environmental Action Club looks forward to Eagle Creek volunteer opportunity

Laasya Mamidipalli March 22, 2019

Ben Ring, Environmental Action Club officer and junior, said, “The Invasive Species Strike Team at Eagle Creek looks like a great volunteer opportunity. This involves locally identifying and removing...

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