Club Spotlight: Green Action Club


Ryan Zhang

Sara Standish and Ella Lipnik, Green Action Club members and sophomores, hand out a free sapling. This is a part of the 10,000 Trees in Carmel Campaign which aims to plant more trees in Carmel.

Siri Surapaneni

Carey Anderson
Darshini Shankar

Club sponsor Carey Anderson 

Q: What has been your favorite event you’ve put on this year?

AThere’s just too many. So I’m a district representative for our district and I come back from those meetings and the way the three leaders (of our club) have always said sure to whatever. Anything that can help our city they have jumped on board with. When it comes to what we’ve done this year with trick-or-trash, that was new. We went and got the boxes and asked if other schools in the districts wanted to join, and of course they did and it was great. We do the holiday lights. Carmel High School has always housed it. All of the schools in the districts did a fantastic job with what they did. Of course we tried to make aware (the students here) about the holiday lights and why it’s beneficial. The student leaders did a great job with that.

Q: Are there any other events you guys are putting on or participating in?

AWe still have a locker clean-out and the GradFest. Because there are so many events going on right now we just want to make sure there are recycle bins. I have to get in touch with PTO about that (GradFest). Also, at our bookstore we have people who no longer need locker shelves and we try to recycle all of those and give people an opportunity to pick one of those up.

Q: What is the setup of the club?

AI will tell you we divided out the club. We really use that word “action”. We want your voice to be heard. We also have a group we would call the education group and they did a fabulous group at West Clay Elementary. They went and presented a whole unit. You also should know we have another area where those kids are working on the city level to understand how Carmel is bringing in solar energy.

Q: What will this club look like in the future?

AMy three leaders have been with me since their sophomore year and as they leave me they have definitely left their mark. I do believe we will still have strong leadership but it will go in the direction of those members. We also just feel like the Environmental Management Club has the same-minded people and we would love to make ours an all-inclusive club and so would the other sponsor. We offer similarities, so why not? Because sometimes our school has certain clubs that can be merged to be more impactful.

Q: Can you explain the recent award you received?

AThere are just a variety of ways this club has been really going beyond what you may see at Carmel High School and that’s what they just got recognized for. The Hamilton County Democrats would like to recognize the memberships of Carmel High School Green Action Club with what they call the emerging leaders award at an upcoming event. It’s called the Night of the Blues. It’s May 13th. What’s really cool about this is that our club members and I (their sponsor) will be able to get in with no charge whereas other people will have to pay for this event. They (Hamilton County Democrats) said thank you for the wonderful work you do to continue all the principals of our community.

Q: What are you most proud of the kids for accomplishing?

AEarlier in the school year, the same group of children (members of the Green Action Club) met with the mayor as well. They have been advocates for the Promise Project and the Carmel Green Initiative. I’m not sure if you were aware of all the outreaches this club has done but they have put their mark definitely on the city of Carmel. These are also the same three students (the club leaders) three years ago that started the composting and got on television for that. They are now getting ready to graduate as seniors. So, they got a particular award that is really trying to recognize and thank them for everything they’ve done for the community.

Miles Nelson
Carmel City Councilor Miles Nelson works with the Green Action Club to hand out 500 trees. Nelson sponsored this event. (Ryan Zhang)
Submitted Photo: Grace Belt

Grace Belt, club co-leader and senior

Q: What is your position in the Green Action Club?

AI am one of the co-leaders of green action with Maanya Rajesh and Sarah Patel.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment with the Green Action Club the past few years?

AI think our biggest accomplishment was instituting a composting program in the main cafeteria during the 2019/2020 school year. Additionally, our club is partnering with city councilman Miles Nelson this year for his 10,000 trees in Carmel campaign and is helping to reach that goal, which is a big accomplishment.

Q: What has been your favorite event you’ve put on this year?

AI think my favorite event of ours was when we visited West Clay elementary this year or two years ago when we visited Prairie Trace elementary and talked to the kids about climate change and did some hands-on activities with them. It was really cool to see how our younger generation thinks about climate change and how even at such a young age they care and work towards a greener future.

Q: Are there any other events you guys are putting on or participating in?

AFor this year, we will likely have a few more events where we are giving away trees, but to stay updated every thing will be mentioned on our instagram.

Q: Why do you think kids should join this club?

AJoining green action club is a great opportunity to meet people who are just as passionate for the environment as you are and it’s a way to interact and influence your community and environment that you won’t get otherwise.

Q: What are some ways people can be more environmentally friendly?

AYou can be more environmentally friendly by limiting your waste production, like by using reusable items instead of single use, or composting. Walking or biking places is another good way for individuals to help the environment. There are so many ways to be environmentally friendly though, and these are just a couple ways to limit your harm on the environment.

Q: What are you hoping to see happen with this Club in the future?

AAs I am graduating this year, I hope to see the green action club  left in the hands of people who will be as passionate for the club and the environment in the future. I hope the club continues to grow and to educate our community and help our community be more environmentally friendly.

Q: What is something you’ve learned from the people in green action club?

AThe people in the green action club have taught me how important it is to look at other perspectives on why people care about the environment. I may care because of one thing, but everyone has their own motive for caring for the protection of the environment, and it’s really cool learning about them.