Earth Day Every Day: In honor of Earth day, students, staff practice living sustainably, discuss importance of environmental movement

COMPOST QUEEN: Maanya Rajesh, co-leader of Green Action Club and sophomore, carries buckets of compost materials to add to her compost pile. Rajesh said she created Green Action club because she really cares about the environment and wants to bring awareness to saving the planet at CHS.

Marissa Ryan and Kris Otten

March 20, 2020

In a school of over 5,000 students, there are bound to be different talents, terms of expression and passions, but not many can say their passion surrounds the environment like Maanya Rajesh, leader of Green Action Club and sophomore.  Rajesh said, “I started off in seventh grade learning about th...

Green ACTION Club: Green Action Club hosts solar energy speakers, hopes to implement similar plans at CHS

Bob Rice, former Hamilton Southeastern (HSE) science teacher, now clean energy advocate for HSE schools, speaks with CHS Green Action Club students about how HSE implemented solar energy at multiple schools. Rice described how the project began with one school and quickly expanded to multiple schools within the district.

Sarah Kim

October 18, 2019

Green Action Club hosted three speakers at their last meeting on Oct. 14. These speakers included Hamilton County Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt and representatives from Hamilton Southeastern (HSE). Sarah Gillim, Green Action Club sponsor and science teacher, explained the main goals of the club meet...

Cutlery Decisions: Administration considers switching from plastic cutlery to metal at CHS

Kiersten Riedford

September 20, 2019

Recently, Clay Middle School, West Clay and College Wood elementary schools made the switch from plastic to metal cutlery. According to Jennifer McFarland, the director of nutritional services for Carmel Clay Schools (CCS), these are the first steps in a larger plan to replace plastic cutlery in all...

Club Spotlight: Green Action Club

September 20, 2019

Green Action Club Co-President Maanya Rajesh Why did you choose to start the club? The club was started by me and my co-leaders with the intent of being able to do our part in helping reduce CHS’s greenhouse gas emissions, and (what we’re doing to accomplish) that is a series of projects that are studen...