Green Action Club to meet on Sept. 27 to plan for Homecoming activities



Green Action Club (GAC) members discuss trivia questions and other plans for Homecoming in the large group instruction (LGI) room at room H121. Julien Doty, GAC co-leader and senior, said the club plans to spread awareness about environmentalism and the GAC at Homecoming.

Ryan Zhang

The Green Action Club (GAC) will meet on Sept. 27 after school in the freshman Large Group Instruction (LGI) room located in room H121. At this meeting, members will talk about plans for Homecoming and initiatives throughout Carmel.

According to Julien Doty, GAC co-leader and senior, members will discuss plans to teach students about the GAC and environmentalism at Homecoming.

“We’re focusing on creating some trivia questions, and if kids get the trivia right then, we’ll give them a piece of candy and just tell them a bit more GAC. It’s just a fun way to interact with us and get to know more about what we do,” he said.

Doty said at this meeting, members will also think about creating a locker design to represent the GAC and its members.

“We’re just going to have club members come up with a locker design, and then next meeting, we’ll all vote on which design we think is best,” he said. “If you win, you’ll get a $10 gift card of your choice, and you’ll have your locker sign on our lockers so whenever someone sees GAC, you can have the pride of knowing that that was your design.”

According to Doty, the club has performed many activities outside of meetings

“Recently, we’ve been focusing on a lot of social media stuff and promoting the club. We’re doing a lot of social media promotion,” he said. “We’re also partnering with MEDLIFE Carmel, which is another club, and we’re doing cleanups at local parks. So that constitutes just picking up trash. I remember when we were at Central Park, there was all this confetti and plastics that were all in the grasses, and that was really annoying to pick up. I feel so good about doing that because if we hadn’t been there, it would have just been buried in the soil or something forever.”

According to GAC sponsor Carey Anderson, club members will also look towards the end of October to host an event called Trick or Trash. She said the club is still welcoming new members of all grades.

“There are still ways to join and (this club provides) ways to communicate and remember that their voice will be heard. So, if they want to make some type of change, it’s possible, and we have strong connections with the city of Carmel to make that happen,” Anderson said.