Green Action Club to meet, discuss club sections, plans Aug. 30


Ryan Zhang

Jillian Moore (left) and Julien Doty (middle), Green Action Club (GAC) co-leaders and seniors, encourage freshmen at the CHS Club Fair in the freshman cafeteria to think about joining the GAC. Ella Lipnik, GAC co-leader and junior, who was also at this event, said the GAC is trying to get freshmen to join to help and involve themselves with the environment.

Ryan Zhang

The Green Action Club (GAC) will meet on Aug. 30 after school in the large group instruction (LGI) room to discuss arranging members into topic-focused groups. Members will also plan for ongoing and future initiatives.

According to the GAC sponsor Carey Anderson, the sections of the GAC make it so more voices of club members can get heard within a smaller group. She said club members are not confined to the section they choose.

“They can decide what part they want to be more active in, but at the same breath, I think we meet as a group at first, and we get to hear what’s happening in all of them,” Anderson said. “So, if someone wants to switch halfway through, they could decide that they’re more on the political side than they are with the education side, for instance, and it’s fine.”

According to Ella Lipnik, GAC co-leader, and junior, at this meeting, members will talk about composting and an upcoming meeting with Carmel’s Mayor, James Brainard. Members will also work on attracting others to GAC activities.

“We’re gonna work on making posters because we want to get more freshmen involved, and then we just want to get more people on board,” she said.

Lipnik said recently the club has been actively working with the community and making changes as well as looking into developing new programs at CHS.

“We’ve been talking about starting our composting program again through the school. It got ended last year because we lost the money, but we’re really wanting to work on that in the future, and we’re getting more people on board with that,” she said.

Lipnik said she encourages students to attend at least one meeting to help out.

“You don’t have to regularly show up to meetings, but we really need people to volunteer and just become a part of the community and like, focusing on their own personal sustainability goals and collective goals as a community.”