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Green Action Club to meet, prepare for Carmel Clay Public Library event Nov. 29

Carey Anderson, Green Action Club (GAC) sponsor, holds up one of many art projects made by club members. She said members utilized lamination scraps to create the art in order to encourage environmentalism around CHS.

The Green Action Club (GAC) will meet on Nov. 29 in the freshman large group instruction (LGI) room located at Room H121 to work on ongoing activities and plan for an event called the Green Gift Shop at the Carmel Clay Public Library (CCPL).

According to GAC sponsor Carey Anderson, club members will plan for educational outreach locations to teach students about being environmentally friendly and look towards implementing composting at CHS. She said members are also planning for a Green Gift Shop event which starts on Dec. 1 from 1:30 to 7 p.m.

“We are going to be doing an event at the CCPL where we’re making items green, so people can buy it, and it will promote green initiatives and it also promotes our GAC,” she said.

Ella Lipnik, GAC co-leader and junior, said she agreed with Anderson and said the event allows people to learn about being green.

“There’s just going to be a lot of sustainable-themed gifts. I think we’re going to bring succulents (and) we will probably have sustainable art projects,” she said.

Lipnik said club members recently created pieces of recycled art and will place them around CHS.

“We just did a group art project where we took recycled lamination scraps collected from the library and made them into locker signs,” she said. “Eventually, we’re going to be posting those on kind of like the glassware in the library and I’m really excited to see those when the light comes through because it’s going to look really nice.”

Anderson said members are also preparing for a holiday lights recycling event at CHS.

“So like any holiday lights or strands of lights that aren’t working anymore, you shouldn’t just throw them in the trash. All of that, like 85 to 90% of those strands, can be recycled,” she said.

Anderson said she advises students to join the GAC if they want to bring any form of change to CHS or the community and any of their ideas are welcome.

“Our group is considering changing the day that we meet for second semester, so people should stay tuned and listen to announcements if we do make a change,” she said. “We have around 50 members, but we would love to have more.”

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