Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council plans next international movie night, other events

Josie Cruzan

The Carmel Mayor’s Youth Council (CMYC) is hosting their next installment of their International Movie Series on March 29 at Midtown Plaza. CMYC has not yet decided which movie to present from which country but plans to choose the March, April and May movies at their next meeting. Showings will be at 2:30 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m.

CMYC director Kelli Prader said, “I’m really excited for this to start up again. It’s been one of our best successes this year in spite of everything going on with COVID-19, and because when it was colder out we weren’t able to show the movies outside. We’ll also be able to accommodate more and more people now with vaccines rolling out and other measures being lifted more and more. It’s really uplifting to be getting closer and closer to returning to normal.”

Additionally, CMYC is putting out a new episode of their podcast about the city of Carmel. The new episode will feature Michael Klitzig, the director of the Carmel Parks and Recreation department, and he will be discussing upcoming renovations to several of the parks in Carmel.

While the meetings have continued to be held virtually, for CMYC members only there has been a series of speakers present at meetings. The most recent meeting, which was on March 8, included a speech from Prader on the impact a person’s actions can have.

Kate Munson, CMYC member and senior, said “It was actually really cool to hear Mrs. Prader talk about everything  because she went through her own life and discussed how seemingly unimportant events earlier in her life ended up having a huge impact on her later on, which was especially interesting because it was a lot of stuff that I didn’t previously know about her that really show just how interesting she is and how much every decision in my life can make an impact.”