Democrats Club to meet with election candidates, begin canvassing


Club sponsor James Ziegler looks over the plans for the Democrats Club on his computer. According to Ziegler, the club has been preparing extensively prior to the Nov. 5 elections by establishing contacts with local representatives and candidates.

Michelle Lu

The Democrats club is set to meet with a candidate for the Fishers city council election on Oct. 16. According to club sponsor James Ziegler, one of the club goals this year is to work more with similar liberal groups to promote shared beliefs.
“Next Wednesday, we’re actually going to be meeting with a democratic candidate who’s running for the Fishers city council, a woman by the name of Mrs. Sam DeLong and she’s going to come and speak with our club about her campaign,” Ziegler said. “We’ll also be canvassing for some Carmel candidates as well, but one of the big things we have coming up as a club is going to be getting out, canvassing on behalf of some of the local democratic candidates here in Carmel and Fishers in the coming weeks as the election approaches.”
According to Kian Robinson, club vice president and senior, their efforts are geared towards creating a more representative government, one in which younger people have greater influence.
“All elections, but in particular local elections, need to be grassroots in origin and in focus to create a government truly by, of, and for the people,” Robinson said. “Younger people often have a lot better reactions when canvassing (door-knocking), so their involvement can make or break any local campaign.”