Q&A with junior Kendall Frobig on

Q&A with junior Kendall Frobig on “Girl Talk” weekly podcast

Emily Sandy February 20, 2021

Introduce yourself! Hi, my name is Kendall Frobig, I am a junior at Carmel High School and I have my own podcast at WHJE, the school’s radio station. It’s called “Girl Talk.” Girl Talk is a female...

Theater cast members rehearse for their upcoming production “Murder in Focus” on Nov. 2. The cast expressed their excitement and enthusiasm to perform this production as many of the other shows were cancelled this year.

Theater class prepares for fall production, implement new COVID-19 protocols

Pallevi Pillai November 17, 2020

The theater department is preparing for its fall production, “Radio Mystery Theatre.” The performances will take place at 7 p.m. on Nov. 12, 13, and 14 at the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. Tickets are...

Jesse Cooper, WHJE staff member and junior, practices broadcasting for the Riley-a-Thon on WHJE radio. Cooper said she hopes the Riley-a-Thon will continue as an annual event even after her graduation.

WHJE to host first ever Riley-a-Thon,marathon broadcast to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital

Christian Ledbetter February 21, 2020

During the week of Dance Marathon, this Sunday to  next Saturday, viewers can tune in to WHJE for the first ever Riley-a-Thon. During Riley-a-Thon, WHJE will help raise funds for Dance Marathon and Riley...

WHJE adviser Dominic James talks to a student during SRT. He said,

WHJE and CHTV to host alumni night Thursday

Angela Qian September 25, 2019

Radio staff members will conduct an alumni night this Thursday. According to the Carmel Clay Historical Society website, alumni can take a tour of the WHJE and CHTV studios from 5 to 6 p.m. followed by...

Paige Ohrvall, promos manager and senior works on a spreadsheet containing information about the radio segments. She said,

WHJE to feature new music, help new staff members adjust to shows

Angela Qian September 13, 2019

WHJE will start playing more new alternative rock hits by artists like Billie Eilish, according to Paige Ohrvall, WHJE promos manager and senior. “We just had our big fundraiser, LROS, Last Rock of...

Junior and prospective Last Rock of Summer performer, Ethan Meneghini, works on his music over the summer in preparation for the LROS. Meneghini has created his own home studio that he works out of to produce his own music.

Summer Rockin’: WHJE members organize student music festival on Aug. 16

Josie Cruzan August 13, 2019

For Ella Carlson, Last Rock of Summer (LROS) president and sophomore, a typical SRT involves getting her SRT teacher to sign her pass, which has “ASAP” written on it in square, capitalized pencil,...

Entertainment Briefs

Entertainment Briefs

March 22, 2019

Radio Recording:
Senior Ethan Wakeman talks into his microphone during a recording session at the CHS recording lab. He said radio is a fun way to express himself.

More Than A Diagnosis: As International Congress approaches, experts on, students with autism explain history, misconceptions surrounding developmental disorder

Angela Qian and Harini Ravichandran October 25, 2018

Senior Ethan Wakeman is pretty much your average high schooler. He’s a GKOM, and he participates in activities such as cross-country, track and radio. Like many students, he also said he tends to forget...

Escaping Top 40

blogs March 24, 2014

Like bad comedians or The Big Bang Theory, local radio stations are extremely predictable.  You can guess what they are going to play from a group of five, maybe seven songs and be right almost all of...

The Inside Scoop on WHJE Radio

Beats October 14, 2012

WHJE is Carmel High School’s radio run by Carmel High’s students. The class is open for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The radio started in 1963 by Earl Lemme and has carried on since. Brian Spilbeler now...

This song sounds familiar…

Author Archives October 10, 2012

I want to start off by saying thanks to all of my readers! My last post currently has over 80 views, and that number increases every time I check. I don't really know exactly how many my others have because...

Media classes work behind camera, mic

acumen December 12, 2008

By Afra Hussain <[email protected] The radio broadcast of the State football game appeared to be a seamless commentary of the ongoing game. The three broadcasters commented on the game and listeners...

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