WHJE to feature new music, help new staff members adjust to shows


Paige Ohrvall, promos manager and senior works on a spreadsheet containing information about the radio segments. She said, "I’m in charge of updating our promos that play in between songs on the station for events and sports games, just keeping them up to date."

Angela Qian

WHJE will start playing more new alternative rock hits by artists like Billie Eilish, according to Paige Ohrvall, WHJE promos manager and senior.

“We just had our big fundraiser, LROS, Last Rock of Summer,” Ohrvall said. “Right now it’s football season, so tune into the football games.”

WHJE will begin a broadcast about 30 minutes before each football game begins and continue broadcasting until it is over.

More generally, radio adviser Dominic James said he feels very positive about the year.

With over 200 students working on the station, James said, “We’ve got the largest radio staff ever, so that’s obviously nice to see that radio’s still very popular, and we’ve got some very great students as well. I think WHJE’s in a good place right now.”

James said the radio features 14 different live shows along with about four sports broadcasts every week. He said many of the students working on the live shows are new members of staff.

He said, “For the next few weeks, we are just making sure that all the new members know what they’re doing and feel comfortable with their new live shows.”