New club, Timmy Global Health, raises awareness for global medical issues

New club, Timmy Global Health, raises  awareness for global medical issues

Pranav Jothirajah

April 19, 2019

Can you give a brief description of what CHS Timmy is? CHS Timmy is a club that works to reduce global health inequity. Why was the club started? I am very passionate about helping others, and I learned about Timmy (Global Health Organization) through my older brother who is a part of the club at IU and I wa...

Going the Extra Mile: Carmel runners prepare in various ways for Indy Mini Marathon this May

Pushing forward:
Yael Kiser and Mia Bruder, track athletes and sophomores, jog to warm up for their training. By running together, the two athletes motivated each other to keep running.

Sarah Kim

February 22, 2019

Even for student athletes who participate in cross-country and track, running a distance as long as 13.1 miles can seem quite daunting. This is the case for Mia Bruder, cross-country runner and sophomore. Bruder started running for CHS in her freshman year and developed a love for the sport. With e...

The boy’s swim team prepares for their meet against Homestead and Zionsville.

The men’s swimming team has progressed to a more intense training schedule. Their next meet will on Dec. 27 at home against Homestead and Zionsville.

Sameen Siddiqui

December 20, 2018

According to Head Coach Chris Plumb, the men’s swimming team is preparing for its upcoming meet on Dec. 27 against Homestead and Zionsville at home. Swimmer and senior Andrew Rafalko said, “The season so far has been going well. We’ve won both of our high school dual meets and everyone swam their...

The boy’s swim team prepares for their first meet of the season

Swimmer and senior Andrew Rafalko practices for his upcoming meet. He has been on the swim team for the past four years and has committed to swim at University of North Carolina.

Sameen Siddiqui

December 4, 2018

According to Head Coach, Chris Plumb, the team will have their first meet on Dec. 4 at North Central. “Season’s been going well. (The swimmers) have been in the water officially for about four weeks, so things are going pretty well. We’re off to a good start,” Plumb said. Swimmer and senior...

Student athletes explain pressures involved with having parents featured on Wall of Fame

Emma Cappella, sophomore and cross-country runner stands next to a photo of her mother, Allison ‘Bailey’ Cappella (second on the right, front row). Capella won state runner up in 1990.

Sarah Kim

November 16, 2018

Cross-country running, like many other sports, is an activity that children often begin at a young age. With programs such as Pups Running, elementary school students who participate often feed into the high school teams. For many of those students, like Emma Cappella, cross-country runner and sophomore...

As the first public school in Indiana to go test-optional, Ball State’s decision affects college admissions for seniors

As the first public school in Indiana to go test-optional, Ball State’s decision affects college admissions for seniors

Lillian He

September 21, 2018

Over the summer, Ball State University announced it would make submitting SAT and ACT scores optional for students applying for the Class of ’23. Ball State’s decision is a part of a wider movement across the country that aims to decrease the importance of standardized test scores in the college...

Playing Off the Field: Students reflect on importance, benefits, trade-offs of off-season training

RUNNING HARD: Colin Altevogt, assistant coach for CHS track and head cross-country coach, helps runners analyze their form. Altevogt said both students and coaches use the off-season time to recover from injuries and prepare for the upcoming season.

Sameen Siddiqui

May 18, 2018

For many sports, off-season training has been a vital part for student athletes to help prepare for their regular seasons. According to Joey Schmidt, varsity football outside linebacker and junior, off-season training is important because it helps athletes build their strength and speed for the following se...

CHS students, teachers discuss the influence of skating culture on daily lives

Skateboarder and junior Mitchell Johnson jumps a rail in James Dillon skatepark.
Johnson said he likes how the Monon Center has rails so he can practice his new tricks.
Agrayan Gupta | Photo

Sameen Siddiqui

April 20, 2018

Although Carmel only has one skatepark at the Monon Center, it is home to many skateboarders. Skateboarder and junior Mitchell Johnson said he got into skateboarding because he used to watch the X Games with his dad and said he would get inspired with what he saw on TV and wanted to do the same tric...

CHS student athletes reflect on how scheduling affects their seasons

The men’s cross country team runs during a practice. Head Coach Colin Altevogt says having a surplus of varsity level runners also the top runners to rest and prepare for State.

Sameen Siddiqui

October 26, 2017

The varsity women’s swimming and diving team has won 31 consecutive state championships, but according to Gabriela Nieves, varsity swimmer and junior, said, although CHS has won 31 consecutive state championships, the team still faces competition. Nieves said Hamilton Southeastern High School, and ...

Men’s cross-country team prepares for Sectionals

Thomas Gastineau had earned a Top Dog position running in the Noblesville Sectionals when he was a freshman. He hopes the team wins State this year.

Sameen Siddiqui

October 6, 2017

The men’s cross-country team will be competing  at White River Elementary on Saturday for their Sectionals. According to head coach for the team, Colin Altevogt, although the team is in a competitive area in the state this year, it is not as competitive as it previously has been for the last two to th...

Men’s cross-country team prepares for MIC Championship

Sean Reimer is running in the Trinity Invitational with his fellow teammates. The Trinity Invitational was on September 16 and CHS won 1st place.

Sameen Siddiqui, Reporter

September 23, 2017

According to Head Coach Colin Altevogt of the men’s cross-country team, the team had a ten year winning streak up until last year for the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) championship. The team will be competing on Saturday at Ben Davis. Thomas Gastineau, varsity runner and junior, said,...

CHS ranked as a top 10 athletic program in the nation

Varsity quarterback and senior Jake McDonald looks for an open teammate against Center Grove High School. McDonald said diligent preparation before games is key to success.
Selena Liu | Photo

Sameen Siddiqui, Sports Reporter

September 21, 2017

Maxpreps, a source for high school sports, ranked CHS number 10 in the nation for best athletic programs and number one in Indiana. Student athletes said this ranking has created a different atmosphere while playing for CHS. Quarterback and senior Jake McDonald said, “People always kind of look at Carmel a...