Protect The House: Carmel Cafe staff, advisers plan to implement new security measures

Protect The House: Carmel Cafe staff, advisers plan to implement new security measures

Kassi Darnell

November 15, 2019

This month, the Carmel Cafe is planning to implement new security measures, focusing mainly on crowd control within the cafe, in addition to the security cameras already installed in the establishment. DECA advisers have decided to introduce line dividers in order to control large crowds in the cafe and to...

A Breach in a Haystack: Students, parents react to recent security breach in database formerly used by school

Viyang Hao

September 20, 2019

On Aug. 16, numerous news media outlets reported a security breach in the Carmel Clay District involving Pearson Clinical Assessment, a former online assessment the district used. The information taken included students’ first and last names and, in some cases, students’ birthdays as well.  The district sent out an email that day to aff...

Students find ways to keep their online information private

Students find ways to keep their online information private


October 11, 2013

Which would you prefer: convenience or privacy? This is a choice many Americans must now face. New studies show that as online computer technology has progressed, privacy has only digressed. What may have once been expected in regards to online privacy is now highly sought after. According to a September...

Recent hackings of big name companies raise Internet security questions

Sophomore Mallory Marrs scrolls through her twitter feed. A rising number of people like Marrs have had their accounts hacked. PHOTO / LAUREN LU


March 22, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, when Mallory Marrs, avid Twitter user and sophomore, opened her Twitter account, she was met with confused tweets from her friends and followers in response to her tweets from earlier that day. According to Marrs, tweets had been sent from her account that advertised a weight lo...

Failed home robbery and shooting spark questions about safety in Carmel

Failed home robbery and shooting spark questions about safety in Carmel


November 16, 2012

On Aug. 20, CNN’s Money Magazine rated Carmel as the number-one small city to live in America. Two months later, sophomore Steven “Stevie” Hall came home to “probably 20 cop cars” and “at least seven or eight police dogs” searching for the man who shot his sister, senior Shannon Hall, af...

CHS continues transition to School Gate Guardian system


January 15, 2012

CHS is introducing School Gate Guardian this semester in order to improve overall school security. According to Assistant Principal Doug Bird, the School Gate Guardian system is currently under construction and will be put into place at the three main entrances at CHS. At the main doors to the sc...

CHS begins to implement School Gate Guardian security system

A parent receives an identification badge at the attendance office. Under the new School Gate Guardian security system, visitors to the school must scan their identification cards when entering and leaving the building in order to help the school keep track of who is in the building, according to Assistant Principal Doug Bird. HAFSA RAZI / PHOTO


November 16, 2011

According to PTO president Amy Kline, the school's new security system, called the School Gate Guardian, has been implemented at the main office, the freshman center and student services (Doors 1, 4 and 13). All other doors unless specified will be locked during the school day. With the new system, visitors...

CHS to install School Gate Guardian system in January


November 1, 2011

To increase school security and keep up with changing technology, a new security system called School Gate Guardian will be implemented in January. According to Assistant Principal Doug Bird, all of the elementary and middle schools in Carmel Clay already have School Gate Guardian, and the high school...

CHS to boost security next school year


March 31, 2011

In an effort to implement the same security standards district-wide, CHS will increase it security measures next school year. Superintendent Jeff Swensson said, “With some very minor changes at each of the three main entrances, we are going to be able to direct the flow of traffic with a couple of...

New staff members hope to improve school’s security


September 23, 2010

By Shayan Ahmad <[email protected]> After every period of his Advanced Physical Conditioning class, junior Samuel Curts goes to the locker rooms to change. This year, though, the locker rooms have a new addition: Instructional Assistants (IAs) who monitor the rooms. “At first I was a li...

National security policies intensify terrorist radicalism


September 24, 2009

By Michelle Hu <[email protected]> A couple of months ago, the youngest person imprisoned for purposes of national security was released from a New York City jail. Mohammed Jawad was captured in Afghanistan under suspicion of throwing a grenade at American troops, which was proven to be an incor...