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Students should take a more active role in asking for changes in school policy, inform themselves


April 26, 2013

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As far as policy is concerned, the microcosm of our school functions as a trickle-down dictatorship. We, the students, have virtually no power in state and federal regulations, and we often don’t hear about them until they are...

Students should make themselves more employable by trying new things


May 18, 2012

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Since the recession began in late 2007, we have been peppered with phrases like “real-estate equity losses” and “sub-prime loan rates.” However, only recently have these “grown-up” phrases begun to hit home with our ...

College debts may lessen, but students must still make sound financial decisions


December 12, 2011


Year after year, a new batch of seniors at this school make decisions for their post-high school plans. With such a multitude of successors, one would think the margin of error created in the process would decrease each year....