Students audition on Oct. 2 for next TEDx conference

Selin Oh, TEDx president and senior, looks through her phone.  Oh said she looks forward to seeing the speaker auditions on Oct. 2.

Rhea Acharya

September 30, 2018

As the club’s initial call-out meeting has passed, TEDx members are now looking to secure speakers for their upcoming conference. The auditions for those interested in delivering a TED Talk at the conference will occur on Oct. 2 during SRT in the media center. The speakers will audition by delivering t...

GENEROUS GENETICS: CHS athletes discuss whether stereotypically beneficial traits offer an advantage in sports

Women’s varsity basketball player and junior Olivia Christy stands back to back with men’s varsity basketball player and senior Trenton Richardson. Although Christy is only 5’5” while Richardson stands at 6’8”, they are both able to play on the varsity team of a sport which stereotypically favors tall athletes. 


February 19, 2016

For as long as  Trenton Richardson, men’s varsity basketball player and senior, can remember, he has always been tall.  “A lot of people are like, ‘How tall are you?’ or ‘Do you play basketball?’” Richardson began to play in fourth grade. He said he saw the sport as fun and something ...