Carmel Wins Opening Game 27-7

Carmel Wins Opening Game 27-7


Varsity quarterback Brandon Lugar passes in his first game as a senior. Lugar contributed towards Carmel's 110 passing yards against Columbus North. Photo James Benedict

The Carmel greyhounds defeated the Columbus North Bulldogs 27-7, winning its opening game on Friday Aug. 17. Carmel is scheduled to play at Valparaiso on Friday Aug. 24 at 8 p.m.

Varsity corner back Race Johnson said continuing last year’s success “felt like a weight was lifted of (his) shoulders.” Johnson said he believes the hard work implemented over the summer allowed the team to execute on a high level.

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Layton Shemale, varsity linebacker and senior, pursues Columbus North's quarterback. Carmel would defeat Columbus North 27-7. Photo James Benedict