Exchange students to attend Cultural Bazaar Feb. 23


Hamilton area exchange students are going to present their countries during the Cultural Bazaar, which will take place in Indianapolis, February 23. Michelle Hanlin, Indiana state exchange students’ local representative, will coordinate the details of the event.

“This activity is an important part of exchange year. Students will share their culture with other coordinators and their host-families. Families would have an opportunity to learn about culture not only (in) their student’s country (but also in) many other places.”

The Cultural Bazaar is going to cover 4 continents and 17 countries. Exchange students will prepare their country’s booth, which will contain national food, music and poster.

Alesya Mahmudova, exchange student from Azerbaijan and senior, is excited to share about her country.

“Azerbaijan is a small country and many Americans have no idea about whether it’s situated in Africa or in Asia,” Mahmudova  said. It’s a good opportunity for me to clarify all stereotypes and share true facts about my motherland with everybody.”

In addition to a presentation, students will prepare some national activities and games. Most of the students have already prepared some presentations during the International Education Week, which took place last November.

“Culture of the country is something unique and could not be learned from pictures. I’ve already presented my country in CHS and I’m happy to do that again”, said Mahmudova.