Living Hope Club to increase awareness of club


According to club co-sponsor Carol Piganelli, Living Hope Club will not have another fundraiser for the rest of the school year. Piganelli said she plans to increase awareness of the club this year and next.

Over these past nine weeks, the Living Hope club conducted a bake sale that raised $443. According to Piganelli, the money was sent to the Unique Home for Girls, an orphanage for women in India. She said the club also collected over 200 pairs of jeans for those in need at its “Teens for Jeans” drive.

According to Vice president Eva Hernandez, the most successful part of this year was the bake sales because it gave the members an opportunity to talk to others about the club.

Hernandez said she does not believe the issue of infanticide of girls in India is taken as seriously elsewhere in the world.

She said, “I don’t think people know the extent of the problem. Thousands of female infants are killed in India that deserve a chance at life.”